Egypt Uprising 2013: Against Terrorism, Aimed at the American Administration

July 7, 2013

Few chants, many cheers

Hundreds of thousands took to the streets today, yet again, to continue their revolution. Although numbers cannot be compared to the days before Former President Mohamed Morsi was toppled, the spirit was the same. Not much of chants, but many cheers for the Armed Forces Helicopters and Apaches, which constantly roamed Tahrir Square and the vicinity of the Presidential Palace in Heliopolis, were present. The spirit was still very high although people are aware that others are conspiring against their revolution.

The most common posters and stickers were ones against the Obama Administration and terrorism. It was clearly stated that Egyptians are against the American government and not the American people.  It was also stated clearly that Egyptians want nothing from the American government, neither money nor support.

Revolutionaries fought the American-supported terrorism by stickers and a few chants saying "No to terrorism"....

The dispute continues

On the political front, the Islamist parties that claim to be against the Muslim Brotherhood continue to conspire against the revolution. As El Noor Salafist Party insists on not having Dr. Mohamed El Baradei, Chairman of El Dostoor Party and the National Salvation Front who is also supported by June 30 Front and Tamarod Movement, Egypt stays without a prime minister for the fourth day in a time of major crisis. El Noor Party has suggested Dr. Mohamed Abu El Fotooh, Islamist Leader and Chairman of Masr El Qaweya Party, who is also a former Muslim Brotherhood and Jihadi Leader as prime minister. The suggestion was met with disapproval from the revolution's front.

Masr El Qaweya Party has also stated that Abu El Fotooh shall accept no interim post. This decision was made because it's expected that the new constitution will not allow any official of the transitional period to take another post afterwards.

Talks are still going on, another popular name for the post is Social Democrat Zeyad Bahaa El Din, El Masry El Domcraty Party Leader. Coming from a secular respected party and being a respected economist, the name is accepted. It was also suggested to bring El Baradei as vice president, but although the revolution's front has nothing against the name, the suggestion was not accepted. The reason behind this, as said by Tamarod's members is that once they start compromising now, they will have to compromise forever, especially during writing/amending the constitution.

On the presidential level, compromises are said to be made, for the sake of a conspiring Islamist party....


Terrorism still continued, especially in North Sinai where many security checkpoints were bombed or shot at. A war against terrorism has been declared by the army and police, yet many are still dying. The country is facing something close to what it has faced in the early 90s when the same terrorist group, which Abu El Fotooh once belonged to, killed many in Upper Egypt. 

One very popular figure that has been missing for a year who we call "The Masked Man" is back. The character is known to have bombed the natural gas line exporting to Israel, Gaza and Jordan around twenty times before Morsi took office. The line was not bombed once during the past year, now it's bombed again.

The Armed Forces and Police continue to arrest people with tens of weapons and others who have already killed...

A parking lot

The Islamist protests and sit-ins continue, today also blocking Cairo's main streets. Cairo was turned into one big parking lot both by Islamists and security forces trying to secure buildings or pro/against protests.

Many were not able to even leave their homes as the Morsi supporters blocked some entrances....

Egyptians and Islamists "don't mix"....


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