Egypt Uprising 2013: The Forced Massacre

July 27, 2013

29 million Egyptians took to the streets for the third time in one month, most of them moved by growing hatred of the Muslim Brotherhood and all other terrorist groups that support them. This piece of information seems to be not understood or misinterpreted by Rabaa and Nahdet Masr protesters. Either this, or they plan to rule a country with no inhabitants other than themselves.

A few hours before dawn MB had a plan ready to win the compassion of some. Suddenly Rabaa sit in was extended in one of Nasr City's main streets, protesters also tried to block 6 October bridge and built six walls to block the streets. They were met by police and army who fired tear gas to disperse them. Suddenly a massacre erupted and deaths reached 74 with hundreds of injuries from both sides. How it happened exactly is not known, what is known for sure is that protesters had weapons and killed, pictures and videos of this can be found all over the Internet.

The violent protesters who blocked streets and killed a police officer took their injured and corpses to the field hospital rather than normal hospitals even though they claimed that their hospital was full. When the bodies where finally moved to Zeinhom Morgue, none of the MB families accepted autopsy. The reason for this shall be left unsaid yet unknown by everyone.

Just a few reminders

- If you were against the walls built by the SCAF and the MB government then it's only normal for you to be against the walls built by Islamist protesters.

- If you were against "anarchist" protesters who carried weapons in 2011 and 2012 then it's only normal to be against Islamist protesters who carry weapons in 2013.

- If you were against Ultras groups and protesters who blocked streets way less frequently and for way shorter periods, then it's only normal to be against Islamist protesters who block streets.

- If you call Islamists "sheep" because they follow their leaders without thinking, then it would only make sense if you don't be one yourself.

Egyptians and Islamists "don't mix"....


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