Egypt Uprising 2013: In Closed Offices

July 9,10, 2013

A decree done in the darkness

Things went calm in the streets as Ramadan approached. One day before the fasting began a constitutional decree was issued without any prior notice to both Tamarod movement and The National Salvation Front. When read [AR], the decree seems to be only in favor of the army, judges and salafists, but not the revolution. The reaction of all sides was not accepting both the decree and issuing it without taking their advice. NSF and Tamarod both agreed to send their amendments and push with protests for them to be accepted. A day later, after El Noor Salafist Party announced that they don't accept the decree either, the stance of both the NSF and Tamarod changed. They both promised to issue a new statement regarding the decree that is "more moderate".

What happens behind closed doors remains unknown....

A prime minister,  finally!

Negotiations are finally over and all sides, including El Noor Party which has a VETO power, have agreed on appointing liberal economist and former finance minister Hazem El Beblawy as the interim prime minister and Dr. Mohamed El Baradei as the interim vice president. The newly appointed prime minister is now forming his cabinet and it was stated that ministries will be offered to the Freedom and Justice Party.

The idea was refused by the Muslim brotherhood party....

Sit-ins in Ramadan

Both sit-ins in Tahrir and Rabaa continue even with fasting in the summer. Both sit-ins hold group Iftars and prayers and have a festive spirit....

Sinai and terrorism

Terrorism continues against army and police personnel. Not a day passes without a terrorist attack, resulting in deaths and injuries. Today, a child was killed in one of the attacks against the Commander of the Second Field Army near Areesh.

It is also worth mentioning that Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed El Beltagy said that Morsi would be able to stop terrorism once he's back in office...

Badei to be arrested

More orders of arrests of Islamist leaders have been issued. The orders include the Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Guide, Mohamed Badei, Essam El Erian, Deputy Chairman to Freedom and Justice Party and Mohamed El Beltagy....

Egyptians and Islamists "don't mix"....


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