Egypt Uprising 2013: Islamist Conspiracy

July 7th, 2013

An Unjustified VETO
As things went well and President Adly Mansour started to appoint more advisers hopes went high. By midday confirmed news leaks reported that Dr. Mohamed El Baradei, Chairman of El Dostoor Party and the National Salvation Front who is also supported by June 30 Front, will be appointed as Prime Minister. Many revolutionaries started to celebrate and names of ministers started to circulate. Hours later Mansour's media adviser, Ahmed El Meslemany held a press conference and denied the news, he stated that there was no agreement upon him. El Noor Party, the most powerful Salafist Party, issued their "VETO"!

This was met with great rage and questioning of why El Noor Party was that powerful. The party that has not been part of any of wave of the revolution plays politics better than any other Islamist party. Their members joined the Rabaa Sit-in supporting the Muslim Brotherhood while their leaders sit in closed offices trying to break the revolution's unity.

After knowing this, Tamarod Movement declared that they don't accept that El Noor party controls the revolution they weren't part of, and for this, they will accept no one but El Baradei....


Terrorism hasn't stopped anywhere. In Cairo and Alexandria it has become known that the Islamist terrorists have thrown children from the rooftops of buildings, videos of these catastrophic incidents have been online and on the television the whole day. This came after a video of dragging an army soldier has been leaked yesterday.

Violence is met with violence, humanity keeps losing humanness....


The Islamist protests that were never that big continue. They have also started a sit-in in front of the Republican Guards Mansion where Morsi is reportedly staying. The Islamists have been always sending threats of attacking the revolutionaries sit-in.

The Revolutionaries sit-ins have also continued but in much smaller numbers that are expected to increase tomorrow after a call for a million man march...

Egyptians and Islamits "don't mix"....   


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