Egypt Uprising 2013: The Mastermind Remains Unknown

July 8th, 2013

A Massacre
The country woke up to the news of more than 50 deaths one more time. Although it has always been known who's responsible for the killing, this time the mastermind remains unknown. An armed fight erupted between Morsi Supporters and the army in front of the Republican Guards Mansion before dawn and resulted in deaths from both sides. Each side had a story of how the fight began that proves the other side guilty, both sides have also shown footage that prove their words. Yet the truth remains veiled.

The supporters' scenario is that the army decided to disperse the sit-in violently while they were praying. They claim that the peaceful sit-in that has been there since Friday was dispersed and as a result, women and children were killed. Their story is based on the army turning violent on peaceful protesters several times in the near history in 2011 and 2012. For this reason, some are made to believe their accusations.

On the other hand, the army claimed that protesters had weapons and tried to break into the Republican Guards Mansion. They have also stated that they have shot at the building from over a near-by mosque. The army have issued a statement earlier warning of a "firm reaction" towards anyone who tries to break into a military building. The army showed footage of supporters shooting at each other and accusing the army of the killing. Since Islamists have been using violence for the past year against their opposition and it has drastically increased in the past days, this story also has its believers.

Eye witnesses of both scenarios exist, but the only truth that everyone agrees on is that more than 50 people, who in all cases are not the real terrorists, are gone forever....

Egyptians and Islamists "don't mix"....


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