Egypt Uprising 2013: The Road to Civil War

July 5, 2013


It's everywhere! The Islamists took to the streets today to fight what some called their last war. As Rabaa sit-in stayed peaceful with tens of thousands listening to speeches by retired and active terrorists inciting violence and hatred, their fellows turned violent in the rest of the country. In North Sinai eight concurrent terrorist attacks took place in the morning. One of the attacks targeted Arish Airport, resulting in delaying army planes from landing. Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor, Damanhoor, Suez, Ismaelia, Matrooh and other cities faced different types of terrorism. Luxor faced sectarian violence,  Suez violence against army and police personnel, while Cairo and Alexandria had street battles between Morsi supporters and revolutionaries. Other supporters also tried setting police departments on fire.

In all cases Morsi supporters used at least live ammunition and bird-shots. They were also met with weapons. In Cairo clashes took place in the same square where the Camel Battle happened more than two years ago, Abd El Moneim Riyad Square near Tahrir Square. This came after Morsi supporters moved in a march from Rabaa and were divided into two groups.  A part went to the National Radio and Television Building in Maspeero and was pushed back by Special Forces of the army and police. They moved to Abd El Moneim Reyad, trying to break in into Tahrir Square, where they were fought patriotically by protesters to protect the revolution’s square. Clashes also happened concurrently on El Gama'a Bridge near Cairo University, where Islamists terrorized the residents of the neighborhood. The death toll of today reached 36, while the clashes left around 1000 injured. Cairo clashes took place while the army helicopters hovered above and did absolutely nothing. Although the army and police deployment has increased today, there was no intervention from the nearby troops until the battle was almost over.

He who thought that Islamists would up give that soon was disappointingly proven wrong today....

Arrests or no arrests

After Mohamed Badei, Supreme Guide to the Muslim Brotherhood was reportedly arrested yesterday, today he was out, saying that he was never arrested. He gave a speech in Rabaa Square, while the army helicopter hovered over, vowing that the supporters will stay in the squares, peacefully, until the "legitimate" president is put back in power. Minutes later, violence erupted in Cairo. Essam El Erian, Deputy Chairman to Freedom and Justice Party, Mohamed El Beltagy, Muslim Brotherhood leader and Safwat Hegazy, Salafist leader, were also free and moving around normally even though there are orders of their arrest. They were also seen talking with the army officer responsible for securing the sit-in.

On the other hand, Salafist leader and former presidential candidate Hazem Abu Ismaeel and Khairat El Shater, Deputy Supreme Guide to Muslim Brotherhood were both reportedly arrested. And moved to the extension of Tora prison where Mubarak and his regime officials are also imprisoned.

Whatever it is that is happening between the army and Muslim Brotherhood or the U.S. administration is unknown, but it seems to be not in the benefit of the revolution....

On the political front

Prosecutor General Abd El Megeed Mahmoud announced that he intends to submit his resignation to the Supreme Judiciary Council. The reason behind this is that he felt uncomfortable to “issue decisions and procedures regarding those who have isolated [him] from [his] post”

Interim President Adly Mansour issued his first constitutional deceleration, dissolving the Shura Council (Parliament's Upper House) according to a previous judiciary verdict. He also appointed General Raafat Shehata, former General Intelligence Manager as his Security adviser, and appointed General Mohamed Ahmed Farid as the new General Intelligence Manager.

Mansour has also appointed Dr. Mostafa Hegazy as his political adviser and Ali Awad Saleh, Deputy Chief Justice to the Supreme Constitutional Court as his constitutional adviser. It is expected that the president will announce the name of the Prime Minister today.

As the civil war continued Azhar Supreme Sheikh declared that the war we're facing is religiously prohibited...   

Egyptians and Islamists "don't mix".....


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