Egypt Uprising 2013: Blood is Shed

August 14th, 15th, 2013


On August 14th, 2013 Cairo woke up to news that the almost 50 day long sit in of Rabaa El Adaweya and Nahdet Masr by the ousted president Mohamed Morsi's Supporters are being dispersed. At 6:00 am, both sit ins were blocked by police forces. A few hours later they were violently dispersed. What is sadly special about this day is that all media sources are biased to one of the two sides, telling their own story that does not overlap at all with the other side's story. Between these biased sources, one can never know what really happened. Not only this, but also that almost all photojournalists were either beaten and arrested by security or shot or killed by snipers of unknown identity.

Among this blackout it was still understood that what the country had faced starting early morning was a war with both parties as heavily armed as each other, causing more than 638 deaths to haunt both sides....

Nahdet Masr

The smaller sit in was dispersed much easier; by 9:00 am tents were brought down and protesters, some of which were armed, were chased inside Giza Zoo, Orman Park and the Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University.  It was said that one street was left for the protesters to exit safely before the dispersal that caused the burning of a part of the university and a part of the park. Who set them on fire remains unknown. Security forces later showed footage of a number of weapons, including heavy weapons that were hidden in the sit-in.

The safe exit fact was proven right when the protesters moved from this sit in to Mostafa Mahmoud in Mohandeseen and built a stage....

Mostafa Mahmoud

It was planned earlier to move Nahdet Masr sit in to Mostafa Mahmoud if it were dispersed. When plan B was in action Mohandeseen residents, fearing another Rabaa, took to the streets to try to stop the sit-in. Minutes later that street was turned into a war-zone, footage of MB protesters shooting at people were shown.

It wasn't until later when security arrived and almost dispersed what was to be Mohandeseen's nightmare....

Rabaa El Adaweya

The bigger sit in was more violently dispersed and took much longer. By 9:00 am all cameras were either confiscated or not allowed inside, none of the TV channels were allowed coverage for more than an hour. What happened during that time remains unknown. What was known though and proven by trusted journalists and citizen journalists was that snipers appeared above buildings around the sit-in and were killing anyone and everyone, including journalists, if not especially, and ambulance paramedics. It is yet to be known which side these snipers were on. What was also known is that the police was seen and heard shooting live bullets at protesters, who were also seen by a few shooting at the security. On the next day, the government showed footage from Rabaa of protesters carrying weapons and shooting randomly to prove that they were violent. Inside the sit in, three rooms were seen full of corpses, according to the journalists' count there were around 200 of them.
Later after news that MB leader Mohamed El Beltagy was arrested, he sent out a video message from Rabaa Mosque to prove that he is still free. He asked the "noble" army officers to make a split from the army and fight on the MB side against what he called a coup. He also called for external intervention to stop the massacre. It was said that his daughter has been killed in the square, but it was never confirmed.

By 6:00 pm security again called for people to leave the square safely and promised that they will not be followed. This time the majority left and security was able to get in and end the sit in. 

The Mosque was burnt in the process, who did it is also yet to be known....

Alf Maskan

As soon as the dispersal of Rabaa sit-in started, a few went to Alf Maskan square in Heliopolis to move the sit-in there. A smaller war took place, but nobody died.

The sit in still continues....

Al Iman mosque

After Rabaa was completely dispersed, a few hundreds moved to a nearby mosque in Makram Ebied where they kept more than 200 corpses and were seen weeping their losses and in a state of defeat. They were seen by trusted sources promising that they have not carried any weapons in public, but in their private conversations admitted carrying weapons. 

The sit in still continues...


The Islamits revenge to the day's events started in the morning with setting churches on fire, mostly but not only in Upper Egypt. It was said that 56 churches were burned, destructed or looted, although the official number is around seven, some of which are monumental buildings. This has caused more street fights and burning of shops of Christians and terrorizing residents and even nuns, resulting in more deaths. General Abd El Fattah El Sisi, Minister of Defense, promised to rebuild or rehabilitate the churches by the efforts and money of the Armed Forces' Engineering Authority. He also promised to do the same with Rabaa Mosque.

Security was nowhere to be found in all seven or 56 cases.....

Police stations

By midday many police stations all over the country were broken into just like it happened on January 28th, 201l. There were also some failed attemps to break into jails. The worst though took place in Kerdasa, Cairo where the police station was attacked using RPGs, four officers were killed and their bodies were mutilated, including a high rank. By the end of the day, 21 police stations were raided. It's not until the evening of August 15 that the Ministry of Interior announced that anyone who will attack a governmental or security building will be stopped by live bullets.

Around 43 officers and security personnel were killed.....


Hundreds of protestors and terrorists were arrested in both sit ins and all over the country throughout both days, but the main news that everyone waited for was that of arresting leaders. By the time Rabaa sit-in was dispersed a security source reported the arrest of a number of MB leaders including El Beltagy, El Erian, Hegazy and Aref. A few hours later, rumors that they were able to escape started spreading. Minutes later it was known that they were never even arrested. 

Even Beltagy who was seen in Rabaa hours earlier while it was surrounded by security was not arrested....
Emergency State 

Interim President Adly Mansour announced a State of Emergency in the whole country for one month starting from August 14 at 4:00 pm. The decision was followed by a Curfew from 7:00 pm to 6:00 am everyday in 14 governorates until further notice.

The curfew was defied on its first day as Islamist protests and sit ins continued, on the second day security stopped cars and asked them to go back, while there are plans of dispersing El Iman Sit in....
El Baradei

Interim Vice President Mohamed El Baradei announced his resignation, stating that he cannot take responsibility for this bloodshed or its consequences that are yet to come. This resignation was met with great opposing from the political side that set fire on who used to be one of the revolution's leaders.

The next day, the president accepted his resignation...


Interim Prime Minister Hazem El Beblawi spoke after the dispersal and promised that they are working on ending this, and that reconciliation shall follow. He also said the Emergency State is a worst of the best and shall be removed as soon as this is over. He promised that they are working on having elections that doesn't turn Egypt into an Islamic or military country.

General Mohamed Ibrahim, Interior Minister also spoke and said that the security had no live bullets....


On August 15th, 2013 the sun refused to shine on Egypt. Hundreds of homes woke up missing a family member. Today hundreds of families headed to mosques to bid their loved ones farewell in their funerals. With tears, both the police and MB supporters saw their loved ones go.

Depression filled the whole country, either for one of the two sides, or for both sides for the few who hasn't yet lost compassion...

More Fires

MB and their supporters continued to set the country on fire, causing great damages in a building in the Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University that was set on fire yet again on the morning of August 15. Ministry of Finance, Giza governorate buildings, including a monumental building and many others all over the country were also set on fire. Mallawi Museum in Minya was also completely looted among zero security presence. 

In Alexandria, a failed attempt to break into Bibliotheca Alexandrina was witnessed....


In Sinai terrorism continued now turning even more violent, resulting in the killing of eleven army soldiers and officers. Checkpoints and police stations continue to be attacked with RPGs. Not only this, the army general responsible for securing El Salam Bridge, that cuts over Suez Canal in Ismaleia governorate was killed along with an army soldier securing the bridge.

In Alexandria, where clashes erupted in Victoria Square between people and MB supporters, a taxi driver was killed because he objected that they cut the road....

International stance

The majority of countries condemned what they called a massacre, their reactions varying with their tie with MB. Turkey's Erdogan called for the West to act over "the massacre" and called on an urgent meeting for UN's Security Council. Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nabil Fahmy met this with withdrawing the Egyptian Ambassador.  Denmark on its turn decided to cut the aid to Egypt. While UK and France called the Egyptian Ambassadors to send their disapproval of the massacre and state of emergency. Both countries have also called for a Security Council meeting.

Obama gave a every tough speech after Graham has also given one on August 14. In his speech, he also condemned violence against civilians and the burning of some churches and stated that the state of emergency should be lifted and that reconciliation has to start. Obama has also announced that Egypt-U.S. joint military exercises known as Bright Star scheduled next month will be canceled.

A closed Security Council Meeting was scheduled this evening to discuss nothing but Egypt....

Vows to continue 

The MB has vowed to continue and promised a million man march tomorrow as well as continuing on sit-ins and protests all over the country. 

Egypt is waiting to see yet another dark day tomorrow....


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