Egypt Uprising 2013: Egypt Under Attack

August 16th, 2013

Death continues

As the sun refuses to shine one more day the country faces more bloodshed and death. On the day that Islamist protesters called "The Day of Rage", the same name given to January 28th, 2011, tens of casualties were reported all over the country from Islamists, residents, police and army. In Cairo 50 lost their lives, while in Fayoum, Ismaleia, Dameitta, Alexandria, Tanta, Port Said and other cities across the country an average of six people lost their lives in each city.

The death toll is yet to rise...


Marches of thousands of Islamists moved from all over the country to condemn what they called a coup and the massacre that took place two days ago while dispersing their sit ins causing hundreds of deaths. The protests that started with peaceful chants mostly turned violent. In Cairo, where 28 marches were planned, clashed erupted in many spots all over the capital. In Giza, a protest that passed by a church was shot at by the army personnel securing the church, the reason for this remains unknown. The clashes left one dead and tens injured.

In Ramsis, the square where most marches headed things were much worse; as one of the big marches was heading to the square through 15 May Bridge, armed protesters were seen on different TV channels live on air holding weapons and randomly shooting at residents. Minutes later the bridge turned into a war-zone between security and armed protesters. Some were seen jumping off the bridge, the reason for this was unknown. Later it was understood from photographs that they have not jumped, but actually used a rope to go down. Under the bridge the war also continued with an endless shooting of live bullets, the number of casualties was said to be over 50. 

Later a building in the vicinity of the clashes was burned down. The fire started at the two floors that have the Arab Contractors offices, it grew through the building, reaching the Red Crescent and Blood Bank in the building next to it. It was also reported that protesters didn't allow the firefighters to reach the building and burned down their car. The fire is still going on until the writing of this post among trials of bringing the fire down. Later after the curfew, that was yet again defied, has started El Fath Mosque in Ramsis was said to be occupied. It was reported that Islamists fired at security forces from inside.

Bolac saw a fight between armed Islamists and armed residents. While Shubra, Maadi and Mohandeseen have also witnessed less ferocious clashes between Islamists on one side and security and/or residents on the other side. This left the residents of Cairo in fear; the always busy streets of the city that never sleeps were seen completely empty, a scene that was never witnessed in the lives of many. In other cities the case was no different.

As mentioned, the curfew was defied in many cases, although the Anti Coup Alliance gave orders to leave Ramsis to avoid more blood. Some protesters have stayed in Ramsis, others went to Ghamra while the army left them to move freely. A few other armed protesters were arrested in Ramsis and other places across the country.

The Anti Coup Alliance vowed that the coming week will see daily protests....

Terrorism continued as strong as it has always been in North Sinai, leaving more security personnel dead and injured. Burning police stations has also continued all over the country. While Sectarian attacks also continued in Upper Egypt, especially in Minia where more churches, a Christian orphanage and shops were burned down. In Matrouh, the railway of Matrouh - Alexandria was bombed. In an unprecedented act, a soldier was killed and other officers and soldiers were injured in a checkpoint in New Cairo. 

Protesters have also shot at the army helicopters and caused damages to them. It was reported that the helicopters flew very close to the ground which made the protesters fear that it might shoot at them. It was confirmed that the helicopters didn't shoot, but were probably taking close up photographs.

Azbakeya Police Station also saw an attack as Islamists tried to break into it. Later a video was shown of a security personnel shooting teargas from the roof of the police station being killed by protesters who cheered as they saw him fall. Even later,  police arrested people from the attack, a video showed that many of them were not Egyptians.

The church attack toll rose to 68....

Foreign Affairs

For the first time in years the Ministry of Foreign Affairs made a strong stance to the world's reactions. For the first time an answer to Obama's statement was given. The ministry also withdrew the Egyptian ambassadors to some countries who gave statements against Egypt. The government has also canceled the marine military exercises with Turkey known as "Sea of Friendship".

The European leaders called for a meeting of their Ministers of Foreign Affairs to discuss Egypt. While Catherine Ashton, the top EU diplomat, urged the leaders to take "appropriate measures" regarding the situation in Egypt. The UN Security Council came out with the decision of sending a representative to pay an official visit to Egypt next week. As for Turkey, they withdrew the ambassador.

On the other hand, the Saudi king gave a speech supporting Egypt's people and government against terrorism, the speech was backed by the United Arab Emirates and Jordan.... 


The government and security gave out some statements throughout the day to advise people to avoid places of clashes. The government has also warned people against a ‘malicious terror plot’ made by the Muslim Brotherhood. For the first time after June 30 it has been said clearly that terrorists belong to the MB organization.

The government announced an international press conference tomorrow at 3:00 pm to explain to the world the current situation in Egypt....


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