Egypt Uprising 2013: The Hidden Truth

August 17th, 2013


As the two sides who have been seen killing people in the past two and a half years fight each other, the truth about what happened remains veiled. As the media is divided between haters and supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood, haters that seem ready for a deal even with the devil, the truth remain veiled. As most people hate the MB and find their personal security under attack, they choose to believe their own version of the truth. As brainwashed MB supporters are told that their fight is for God and the Prophet, they choose to believe the version of the truth their leaders sell them.

The only truth is that Egypt is living a great conspiracy that keeps the country blacked out from the truth...


After a long night that began with deaths, reaching more than 113 and ended with buildings set ablaze, a blockade started at dawn in Ramsis around El Fath Mosque which pro Morsi protesters used as a barricade for the night along with their dead and injured. There were multiple calls by the security forces for protesters to leave through a safe exit. Anti Coup Alliance answered this by asking their supporters to head to Ramsis to "protect their brothers." The safe exit call was answered by a few throughout the day, yet by midday the majority accepted to leave.

Security forces entered the mosque to take control, forces also fired into the air to protect protesters as they exited from the residents who made many attempts to attack them. The number of angry residents was big, many of which were trying to reach the MB protesters, this made it hard for security forces to keep surrendered protesters safe. Meanwhile the sound of gunfire was heard inside and outside the mosque. It was also seen that a few were shooting from the mosque's minaret at the army and police forces outside the mosque who fired back. They were later arrested and were said to be not Egyptians.

Some Muslim Brotherhood leaders who were accused of incitement and other judiciary cases were also arrested during the blockade. The leaders include Saad Emara, Safwat Hegazy's brother, and Mohamed El Zahawry, Ayman El Zahawry's borther who was arrested somewhere else. While Hassan El Banna's, MB founder and its first Supreme Guide, grandson was killed along with Mohamed Badei's, current Supreme Guide, son. Prosecution ordered autopsy reports of eleven corpses to know the cause of death.

The Anti Coup Alliance called for protests tomorrow in Cairo and Giza....


Terrorism continues yet again in Arish, leaving one army personnel dead. In Fayoum, a Christian charity organization that helped both Christians and Muslims equally was burned down among deadly attempts by the residents to stop it from happening. While in Ben Ghazi, Libya, the Egyptian Consulate faced a terrorist explosion.

Violence results in counter-violence, it has been said throughout history. A Freedom and Justice Party office was set on fire, while in Ben Sueif, Supreme Guide, Mohamed Badei's villa was also burned down....

After a decision that the Ministry of Health will only give statistics about the dead and injured through the Cabinet, the latter's spokesman held a press conference where it was announced that the number of deaths in the past four days throughout the country has reached 1173, while security forces toll reached 70 along with and one ambulance paramedic. It was also mentioned that 80% of the deaths outside sit ins were caused by protesters who carried weapons including machine guns. Protesters were also said to have broken into 27 police stations.

As terrorist attacks still continue, the toll is yet to rise...

On the political front

After Prime Minister Hazem El Beblawy said a short statement confirming that Egypt is fighting terrorism the presidency held an international press conference to explain to the world what Egyptians are facing. The conference was held by the president's Political Adviser, Mostafa Hegazy who spoke in both English and Arabic. Hegazy emphasized that Egypt is fighting terrorism, that security forces are in a war with armed protesters. He also stated that Egypt is following with great concern the reactions of "Taliban and The United States". He also mentioned that reconciliation is still existing and the doors are open for anyone who didn't take part in violence or incitement. Hegazy also stated that the prime minister put forward a proposal to dissolve Muslim Brotherhood and that they are now looking at the legal steps.

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nabil Fahmy called for a meeting with the ambassadors of  the permanent member countries of the UN National Council to explain the situation....


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