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My Very Own Version of Back to School

For 18 years, I've been going back to school. On an autumn day, just like today I'd be enjoying the very last of my summer vacation. On a day like this, I never felt bad or depressed. Going back to school was always exciting for me. Ever since KG and up until my very last year at my dear GUC. Yes, I loved school, no matter how hard it was at times, or very boring at other times.
How can't I get very excited about it? How can't I look forward to buying my new uniform (no matter how ugly it was)? How can it not be fun to receive my new books? How can I not like to go on my back to school shopping quest? How can't I enjoy picking all the new name tags and copybook covers (that's in primary of course =D) ? How can't I be wanting to meet my new teachers and see how they're like? How can't I think of all the new things I'm going to learn soon?
Why would I be depressed if I'm going to see my best friends for eight hours everyday? How can one not want…