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The City of Dreams

Early morning, she takes her bike and starts on her daily cycle. At the fountain, birds are everywhere. One of them flies so high, she stops and watches it, wishing she could fly away with it and leave this material world. It reminds her of that conversation so many years before, on the other side of the world, back home.
The night was still young, so they were. It was early summer, back when she has just finished high school. She walks with him, she can never imagine her life without him, neither can he without her. A new milestone on its way, a time to decide on the future, a time to plan their lives, the unknown. They know only one thing, that they'll always be together. She looks up to the sky, spreads her arms and takes a deep breath. "I want to spread my wings and fly, I want to forever fly with you, with the sound of my symphony for you always playing", she says. "I want to own the whole world, and put it at your feet", he says. They walk together, dream…