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The week in blessings

Bittersweet goodbyesSeeing people celebrating the last day of examsEven better, seeing seniors celebrating their final finalA day off after a long long long tiring depressing weekBelieving in something and doing your best to get it doneGetting that thing you've worked hard for doneGetting ready to start a brand new lifeShowing your true feelings without being scared or shyMaking a mistake, facing it, and fixing thingsAnd above all, the love of family and friends

A Week of Blessings

I'm very happy that I was able to cheer some up with last week's list of blessings, so without further ado, here's this week's list of blessings, and it's pink, as it always will be.
Making people happy.Smiling to yourself for absolutely no reason you know of.Being in love,  not just that partner-kind-of-love, but being in love with yourself, being in love with life, being in love with your family, being in love with your friends, being in love with your country, being in love with your job, and of course, being in love with your partner if you have one.Finishing up a semester of hard work.A day that would bring sweet memories of how hard you've worked on something years ago, and how good the outcome was.Being strong enough to say exactly how you feel without being afraid of the consequences.Making new friends, and discovering how awesome they are.Family memories.The sea.Revolution Graffiti.And I said it last week, and I'll say it again: spread the love, mak…

Count your Blessings

In this life of ours, each and every one of us has two options: either live a happy life, or live a hard one full of depression, tears, fighting and losing people and things. The choice is ours, and will always be ours. It's normal to have problems, we all do, we all have complications in our lives, but it's how we react to them that makes all the difference. We have two options: cry over our problems and try or not try to fix them, or be strong enough to face them with a smile and try to solve them. I know whoever is reading this right now would say that life isn't always that easy. Well, it's not easy, but how is depression going to make it any easier? In fact, being happy, being strong, being positive, being resilient, being optimistic would make life so much easier. It would make solving your problems much easier. It's OK to get depressed at times, but it's not OK that you don't fight the depression and work as hard as you can to be happy again before y…