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So We Never Forget

A few years ago, back when I was a college student, I was talking about Palestine and Israel with some colleagues and a colleague, who's had most of his school education in a gulf country, says: "but Israel has always been there. Tel Aviv has always been part of Israel, not Palestine!" It's been just a bit over 60 years and many of us have forgotten. What would happen 20 years later? No one will know what Palestine is?
I keep wondering how the Arabs of that time let this disaster happen, but then I remember that we were nothing but colonized countries. And whether I want to believe it or not, regretting will get us nowhere. The truth is that now, there's no country called Palestine on many maps; It's either Gaza and West Bank or Palestinian territories at best. I don't see Palestine being free anytime soon with all their political groups fighting and the people not finding a leader. But I know for sure that we shall never forget Palestine, no matter how …

Fix It!

You know what's our biggest problem right now? It's that we all think we know everything about everything. And the point is that if you think you know everything, then you probably know nothing. We oppose all opinions because other people know nothing! And in case you're wondering, I'm not talking about the fights between MB and revolutionaries. I'm not even talking about the politicians who come out on us everyday on TV to talk, and talk and talk some more telling us that we understand absolutely nothing, that we have to agree with them. And I'm not talking about the activists who have been working in politics for so long that they've learned everything there is to learn, and so they know everything and everyone else is not only dumb and know nothing, but sometimes even a traitor. 
I'm talking about us, the people who have suddenly turned into scholars in everything. It started with politics after the revolution, then it has spread to everything else.…


I don't know if the news about a court rule banning porn websites is true, but this will eventually happen someday pretty soon seeing who rules right now! You'd think this is not important, but it is! This of course is a step in banning lots of other things; Naguib Mahfouz's Literature, political websites, religious websites that say an opinion that is different from the one the rulers say, maybe even chatrooms or social networks if it goes that far. But although this is a disaster that shouldn't be happening under any circumstance, and will definitely solve NOTHING, this is not what this post is about. So what happens if they ban porn websites? Will the horny boys stop being horny? NO! They'll either open the damn websites using proxy servers, or go find more girls to sexually harass, or even rape in the street for that matter!
So who loses from that law? Women, it's always women.... I'm so sick and tired of living in this very "only for men" soc…

Quotes I Love

Here are some of my top favorite quotes, mostly from books, that I "try" to live by =).
"Fall seven times, stand up eight""For every cloud there is a silver lining""It's the little things that make life""There is a way to be good again""When spring comes, it melts the snow one flake at a time""It's the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting""When you want something all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it""God has prepared a path for everyone to follow. you just have to read the omens that he left for you.""All things are one""Your eyes show the strength of your soul""The truth shall set you free""When you close your eyes you can be just about anywhere you want to be""Start each day with a grateful heart. Focus on the positive aspects of every person you encounter. End each day with a grateful heart&q…

Here's a Gift Especially to the MB =)

So since I'm sick today and can't think straight, here are some videos that I used to listen to before the revolution and they matched so much with everything happening around us. Unfortunately, they still do. So here are some dedications to some people. It's as if these songs were made especially for those people =).
That's a very very special gift to the very very special Muslim Brotherhood and Salafis =). It's like Salah Jahin has written it especially for them. And Kamal El Taweel has chosen this very sarcastic music especially for them. Soad Hosny? Well, the way she acts with both her body and voice says it all. If you haven't, watch Shafe'efa w Metwally, it's a very very good movie, timeless.
This one is dedicated to حزب الكنبة with them watching everything happening to their country and deciding to hide in the comfort of their sofas, please wake up. Your country needs you. This song said it all before the revolution, and I thought that whenever I l…

Apology > "I'm sorry"

A few months ago some people gave me an appointment and never came or apologized for not coming. A few days later they come and want to have their appointment on that day. I complain to them about not coming the other day and never apologizing for it, and one of them replies saying "I'm sorry". I don't know if the problem is mine, if I haven't used the right words or with them for misunderstanding me. Because this isn't what I meant, at all. If someone gives an appointment and never shows up then they shouldn't just come beg for my forgiveness, it's not like I said this for the fun of someone begging and pleading for me to forgive them. What I meant by apology is getting in contact with me as soon as possible and giving me a good excuse for not showing up, maybe adding the magic words "I'm sorry" then asking for another appointment."I am sorry", these three words could be simply meaningless. Especially that many people say them…

Words of the Devil

Yesterday while I wrote this post, I was having an awful discussion with a person I don't know about Salfis. I was against them because of their proposals against all the marital laws and women in general, among other things. And I had no intention of accepting their opinions about these things no matter what. The other person kept telling me how these laws are that of the old regime and that they're awful and everything, then he started to pray that God opens my eyes to the truth of how Salafis are the best people in the world. And I said that this is his own opinion and he's free to think so, but I'm never accepting it. Then I finished my post and the guy read it and started copying my words. At that moment, I felt like the biggest hypocrite in the world; I write something on my blog and tweet it's complete opposite on Twitter, what does that make me?
But then I remembered, this isn't what I wrote about. The laws the Salafis are trying to change are my right…

The Fight

So many voices all saying different things, all saying that they're right, saying that they're the only righteous voice, that everybody else is wrong. All wanting the other voices to say what they're saying and nothing else. We, the residents of this world, always believe in binary views, but are right and wrong binary? If your mom bought a new dress, a very ugly dress, and she asks about your opinion, what would you say? What if your mom has just come out of an awful depression? Would you tell her your true opinion and hurt her feelings when she's just gotten out of the depression? Or would you choose to lie and make her an extra bit happier? Knowing that this one simple "compliment" is completely selfless, and would not hurt anyone, what would you choose to do? Which solution is completely right and which is completely wrong?

The voices are everywhere, starting from within you, to family voices, to cultural voices, to ideological voices, to voices of diffe…

You're Loved

Love makes us happy, it keeps us alive, love doesn't weaken, it gives us strength. Love isn't falling, it's standing strong for your love. Love isn't breaking it's holding on to the best feeling in the world. Love puts a smile on one's face, plants hope in one's heart, and splashes faith into one's soul. Love gives color to one's life, it gives it the sweetest taste, it gives it a rosey scent. Love is a feeling that words find it hard to explain, it's one's treasure, a treasure that we should always hold on to. Love is God's greatest gift. Love is the greatest power, it's eternal happiness, it's inner peace. Love is belief, belief in one's self, in fairytales, in a greater power, belief that the world is a wonderful place. Love makes you healthier, love feeds your soul, love keeps you young. Whatever the question might be, love is always a part of the answer. Whoever you are, wherever in the world you might be, never forget …

If Only...

If only we looked at what we have in common rather than our differences. If only we saw that all morals in all religions are the same, only rituals differ. If only we saw that all cultures believe in the same rules, even if they put them differently. If only we stopped lying to ourselves in order to hide from the truth that we can't face.If only we stopped being selfish and thought about the rest of the world. If only we learned to work together, to respect each other, to love one another. If only we cared about people's welfare just like we cared about ours. If only we focused on love rather than hate. If only we did our duties and fought for our rights. If only we knew the power of being united. If only we stopped blaming everything on the rest of the world and never on ourselves.If only we actually cared about our happiness and other people's. If only we didn't look at life as something that we're forced to go through.If only we worked hard enough, with enough l…

Aphorisms 2

Appreciation is what makes the world go round.Happiness is not one step away, the path to happiness is a long long way, but it's worth walking the distance.If you dream of what you can do, you lack ambitionThe world is made up of four dimensions, don't miss out on living any of them.It's not only your body that needs nourishing, your soul needs it even more. Always pamper yourself, we weren't brought into this world to live a sad life. Your morals are unchangeable, if your reactions change according to the person, time, or mood then you're not living up to them.The world doesn't revolve around you, it's not working on making you miserable either. Your world is ready for you to shape it, it's all up to you.If you give up on God's gifts, he'll stop sending them your way.The world is any color you wish it to be, you can either see it black or pink.

Love Aphorisms

True love is not blind. It sharpens your vision, but teaches you to accept.True love gives you power, it doesn't weaken you.True love keeps you at peace, it doesn't suck the life out of your soul.True love is about sharing, not how much you take.True love makes you an artist, it doesn't steal your creative eye.True love has a charm, it isn't just two people who enjoy each other's companyTrue love brings music to your ears, not the sound of angerTrue love sets you free, it doesn't imprison you.True love lifts you high above the ground, it doesn't let you live undergroundTrue love colors your world, it's not either black or whiteTrue love leaves you happy to give, not counting all the times you've sacrificedTrue love makes the air you breathe smell sweeter, it doesn't suck the breath out of youTrue love is not always pink, but it always finds a way back to pink, no matter how many colors you go throughTrue love draws a permanent smile on your face…

Your Gift

I was attending a concert yesterday by the Cairo Symphony Orchestra at the Opera House, and I was sitting close enough to the stage to see all the players' faces. They were sitting in a U shape, where every side of the U had more than one row of players. The violinists were right in front of me and I began to watch everyone's motion. Just like any conductor, our conductor's body moved exactly with the music, you'd be able to know the tune just by following his motion. For the violinists, the ones who sat on the front rows of the three sides of the U looked very different from the rest. Their faces changed so drastically with the changes of the music. When they increased the volume they frowned, when it decreased, they smiled. With every note their facial expressions changed. The ones at the back rows just played their notes with zero expressions. Tells you so much about who gets to sit closer to the microphone.
Then came the soloist, who was beyond good. Never did he …

The Legend of Osiris, Moral of the Legend

First let me say that most of the extraction of lessons in this post isn't done by me, but by the person who has opened my eyes to the beautiful myth. Yet I also have to say that when I did my own research, and read it from different sources, I found even more lessons to learn. And that's the beauty of it, with every time you read it you learn something new. So to the moral of the Myth of Osiris....

It's clear that the fight between Horus and Seth is a fight between good and evil, between what's rightful and what's wrong, between what's true and what's fake. Horus had an intelligent mind that lead him to fight for the truth. Seth had an intellect mind that made him able to give excuses for his helpers, to brainwash them, or to give them fake reason to fight his fake war. Horus, with the wisdom of his mother and a father who holds the truth had the sharp vision of a hawk. But what is vision to our ancestors? What is the eye of Horus? What does it stand for?

The Legend of Osiris, Part Two

After Isis takes Osiris's body and goes back to Egypt. She opens the chest and weeps over it, joined by her good sister (who's also Seth's wife) Nephthys. They turn into kites (the birds) and fly over the body. With their magic, they bring Osiris back to life. They hide Osiris, then Isis (who gave birth to Horus on an island on her way to Byblos and hid him there) goes to bring her son back. Isis brings back Horus, who was born to be a worrier and returns to Osiris. With the teachings of both Osiris and Isis, Horus becomes as fluent as his mother and as loved his father. They prepare him to fight the great war against Seth, the fake king.
Soon enough, Seth finds the body of the resurrected Osiris in its hidden place after a lot of searching. He cuts his body into 14 pieces* and throws each piece in a different part of The Nile. Isis starts her mourning all over again, builds a ship of papyrus, takes her son, and goes in search of her husband's 14 pieces. The fierce Ni…

Are you a Hypocrite?

Have you ever asked yourself this question? Has it ever occurred to you that you might be one of those people? For thirty years we've been victims of hypocrisy, and now after we've started our revolution hypocrisy seems to be like an epidemic disease that won't end. It's everywhere, in our society and in others. So have you ever thought that you too could be a part of the problem? Because hypocrisy isn't just about telling your ruler that he's perfect when he's fake...Have you chosen your major because that's what you want to do, or because your society thinks that it's the best? Have you chosen your job because that is your dream, or because the society thinks that it is a "respectable" one? Have you decided to get married because you found your soul mate, or because the society thinks you have to get married? Have you decided to have a baby because you think that parenthood is the best feeling in the world, or because that's what eve…

The Legend of Osiris, Part One

Today I have been lucky enough to be told the legend of Osiris from someone who not only knows very well how to tell a story, but also knows how to tell it in a way that would make you figure out all its moral as you keep listening. So I have done my research, and will share it with you in the few coming posts. But let me warn you, if you're Egyptian, it's pretty different from the one we were taught in school. So clear your minds, and get ready to know the real Legend =). But before I start on the legend itself, let me tell you that this wonderful story was the base of the Ancient Egyptian religion. You'll the importance of that later, in the last post of lessons learned.
Osiris: The king of all kings. He represents unity.Isis: His loving wifeHorus: Their son, the prince who is to become king after his father.Seth: Osiris's brother who wants to take over his brother's throne.
The story starts with a mother called Nut giving birth to five babies in the fi…


The Golden Age is always ages ago.
It's up to you, to live the miracle we call life, or to live your life waiting for a miracle.
You don't have to be royalty to be your lover's princess/prince.
When hope dies, and you feel that the walls are closing in on you, only faith will get you through.
Lose all the painful memories, but treasure the lessons learned from them.
Love is infinite energy, it's the greatest power. It gives you wings, it sets you free.
Life is what you make, time is how you share, courage is having faith, happiness is believing in you, peace is being in love.
It's up to you, to live a life full of unforgettable moments, or to live your life trying to forget just one moment.
It's up to you, to see the filled half of the cup, or to live your life complaining about the empty half.
If we spend as much time on trying to fix things as we do on complaining the world would be a much better place.
The answer to every question lies within you, y…

On Happiness

Happiness... it's what we're always looking for. Since the day we're born until the day we die, and everything in between is a journey in search for happiness. It's our top need, our aim in life. We choose our education to find a job that will make us happy. Some choose ones that would make them rich, because money makes them happy. Others choose ones that are prestigious or that would make them popular so that people would look up to them, and that makes them happy. A few others choose to do what they love, and that and only that can make them happy.
We search for love because it makes us happy. We get into false relationships or friendships thinking they'll make us happy. We go out, have fun, read books, watch movies, get to know new people to find happiness. But the question is are we really happy? From looking into people's faces you'd know that only a few are truly happy. No, it's not because of everything about the revolution going wrong; it has …

Before Christmas

It's the 22nd of December, the night has fallen on the city that never sleeps. It's been snowing for so long, the streets are almost white, the shop windows all have green Christmas Trees, decorated with red and golden ribbons, balls, and lights. Whenever you pass a shop you'd hear the sounds of Christmas Carols coming from inside. Yellow cabs are everywhere dropping off empty handed last minute shoppers, and hailed at the exact same moment by shopping bags and a person drowning between them. A gift for the kids, one for the husband, another for the parents, yet another for the grandparents. Shopping, shopping, shopping. The discount increases everyday, the offers are very special, shoppers can't ask for more. Other cabs hold businessmen in dark suits holding briefcases, running between last minute meetings before the holidays. Tourists walking slowly hand in hand enjoying the view, they look like they can't ask for more. A homeless person sits on the sidewalk with…

That Night

It was a sad cold night, I sat there, on the floor of my room, head looking up, knees close to my chest hands on my throat, I felt like I couldn't breathe, the walls were closing in. I couldn't hold on anymore, I had to leave, I had to go. I got up and went out to get some air. It was late, the streets were so quite, so dark, so cold. I didn't know where to go, but I knew that I don't want to get back. The scene kept playing on repeat before my eyes, no matter what I did, no matter where I looked, I only saw him saying his last words. The words that ended our love, the words that stabbed me with the sharpest of knives. Tears started to fall and I couldn't stop, I didn't want to. I walked faster and faster, further, away from my problems, away from my life. But no matter where I went, I saw nothing but his face telling me that it's over, for good.
I didn't know where I've gone to, I have been drowning in my thoughts, in that scene, and I didn't …