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Will we EVER Wake up?!!!

Whatever happened to us? All of us, can't we do anything more than watching?? No, this time it's not only Egyptians, it's the whole Arab world, I'm not even sure if I can still call us Arabs. Every single person of US, how can we see human beings killed and not do anything about it?? And they're just not any human beings, these people gave their lives to try to free Gaza!!! What have we done? Yes WE, not only our governments, all of us. Our governments did everything to help Israel  with Gaza's Siege. We the Arabs, didn't approve to this, but what have we done to stop it? NOTHING, absolutely nothing. These people gave their lives trying to break Gaza's siege at a time when fellow Arabs were silent, too busy thinking of which football team will be going to the Worldcup. Haven't we all noticed that we can be, very soon, in those people's place? That people are dying because of OUR silence?
When will we wake up? When will we understand that we have …

The Sweetest of Memories

25.05.2009.... One year has passed, one whole year!! This wonderful day, an unforgettable day, a day that comes once in a lifetime. We were the stars that day, and by we, I mean GUC's class 09. It was like we had paparazzi cameras all around us, a day full of smiles and laughter. A day full of memories, memories of five years, five years that have flown by and without us even knowing. They're bittersweet memories that will last a lifetime. Those memories, the memories of our photo-shoot, will forever be carved in my heart. They're memories of an amazing day, a day to treasure. 
I owe a lot to my beloved GUC, I am who I am today because of the GUC. It's made a better person out of me, a hard-worker, an independent, strong, well educated person. I've learned a lot in these five years, I've enjoyed them at times, hated my life at other times, but all in all, I know that this decision was the best I've ever made in my life.  That day, is one of the many many thing…

The One Who Knows it All

I've been given a job at my beloved GUC to teach, I only took it because it felt bad to not take a chance. I really hated that job and I didn't want it at all, but I was always sure that God gave me that job for a reason. Now I know the reason, now I know that this job was one of the best things that's ever happened to me.
I'm so grateful for putting me in the place where I fit best. Thank you so much God, thank you for choosing the best for me. Thank you for guiding me to do what's best for me. You're the one who knows it all, you know what I'm good at, you know what fits me, what will make me happy, what will put my life in place. I'm so proud of myself for believing in taking chances, for trying before hating , for making the right decision, for taking the right path. Thank you God for loving me....
During this semester, I was supposed to teach my students, but I've also learned a lot from them. They've taught me to love life, to laugh a lot (e…

Our Own Little Worlds

I come from a family that loves the environment and cares about mother nature. Being part of that family, I made sure to take part in  Earth Hour. We stayed home, turned off all the lights and took a stand against climate change. This was not only about climate change though, this hour was amazing in many different ways. Of course, it felt good to know that you're doing something to save planet Earth, and it felt even better to be a positive person. To feel that something is going wrong and actually do something about it rather than just keep complaining. In fact, I would really love to do this more often, be positive and do something I mean. I'm one of the most positive people in this country, but living in Egypt, that doesn't make me "that" positive.
In Earth Hour, we turned off the lights and refrained from using any electricity and we sat in the candle light for an hour. We sat there, with no TV, no laptops, no cell-phones, just nothing. There was nothing to…

على اسم مصر - صلاح جاهين

على اسم مصر التاريخ يقدر يقول ما شاء

أنا مصر عندي أحب وأجمل الأشياء
بحبها وهي مالكة الأرض شرق وغرب
وبحبها وهي مرمية جريحة حرب
بحبها بعنف وبرقة وعلى استحياء
واكرهها وألعن أبوها بعشق زي الداء
واسيبها واطفش في درب وتبقى هي ف درب
وتلتفت تلاقيني جنبها في الكرب
والنبض ينفض عروقي بألف نغمة وضرب
على اسم مصر
مصر النسيم في الليالي وبياعين الفل
ومرايه بهتانة ع القهوة .. أزورها .. واطل
القى النديم طل من مطرح منا طليت
والقاها برواز معلق عندنا في البيت
فيه القمر مصطفى كامل حبيب الكل
المصري باشا بشواربه اللي ما عرفوا الذل
ومصر فوق في الفراندة واسمها جولييت
ولما جيت بعد روميو بربع قرن بكيت
ومسحت دموعي في كمي ومن ساعتها وعيت
على اسم مصر
أنا اللي اسمي حتحـور .. أنا بنت رع
مثـال الأمـومـة ورمـز الحـنـان
تفـيض حـلمـاتي وتمـلا الـتـرع
وتسـقـي البـشـر كلهـم والغـيـطان
نهايته يا مصر اللي كانت أصبحت وخلاص
تمثال بديع وانفه في الطين غاص
وناس من البدو شدوا عليه حبال الخيش
والقرص رع العظيم بقى صاج خبيز للعيش
وساق محارب قديم مبتورة ف أبو قرقاص
ما تعرف اللي بترها سيف والا رصاص
والا الخراب اللي صاب عقل البلد بالطي…