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The Alpha Female

A free spirit, with thoughts that take her up high. They say love sets you free, but it had locked her up in a thoughtless cell. Love of a selfish body, imprisoned on the ground, yet he thinks he's the jailer. She breaks loose, free of the deadly love...
"Come what may", she said as she stood with her head higher than the biggest mountain. "You don't know what you're doing", he replied with a seriously sarcastic tone, she gave him one look, then walked away. She walked without looking back, and with her she took his heart and soul. He watched her as she went further, but refused to call her name. He was too proud.
He knew she knew what she's worth, and he could do nothing about it. He had her heart but wanted her soul, and now that she left, he had nothing. The concrete ground suddenly felt like waves, the sunny day turned into a thunderstorm, she's gone. She left him, and went after her dreams. His warnings did not stop her, she was strong, no…

The Seductive Darkness

People usually hate darkness for different obvious reasons, but not I. For me, it's never silent unless it's dark, the air is not light unless it's dark, my body is never relaxed unless it's completely dark, with not one source of light. Then, I'm able to think, my inner gleam fills the emptiness. It's only when I open my eyes to the blackness that I truly see. I have my own moon and stars; an enormous, sharply round, crystally white, seductively transparent moon, surrounded by tiny, loudly glowing, blue, as a peacock's crown stars. My moon is my mind, and my stars are my thoughts, some of them are perfectly clear, others are blurred,  but it's only through them that my soul can discover.

The Silent Thunder

You come from darkness, harshness. You jump into the rainy sky and dance among the vivid rainbow, but it's the ground you come from and it's where you shall return. You may break a bone or two in the process, but you don't care. It's not important what happened before or what may come afterwards, because it's all in the experience itself. You jump into the dark lightening, into the unbreathable air, into the silent thunder, and you are not afraid. You aren't a bit scared, because in the thunderstorm, you were washed by the sacred water, you heard the enchanting song, you saw the rainbow of love. You come back to the ground, injured maybe, but your soul is renewed, because it's there, and only there; outside of your comfort zone, where your spirit shall learn to fly.