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Egypt Uprising 2013: Morsi Ousted

July 3, 2013 -Updated

The road-map is out

A joint statement was made. It started by General Abd El Fattah El Sisi, Minister of Defense who said that they "listened to the message of Egyptians in all cities and villages all over the country". He continued: "after trying many times since November to fix things and found all suggestions were met by refusal from the presidency,  and since the president's speech yesterday was not accepted by the people, the Armed Forces had to take the responsibility after talking with all political, religious and youth figures".  He declared that the Armed Forces will not take part in politics and gave a road-map with the following:

Temporary suspension of the current constitution. Appointing the Supreme Constitutional Court Head as an interim president for a transitional period until a new president is elected. He will also be given the right of issuing constitutional declarations. Forming a cross-party panel to propose amendments …

Egypt Uprising 2013: The Cheerful People

July 3, 2013

Revolting with a smile

Egyptians are the only people who celebrate a revolution before it even succeeds, not a face is not wearing a smile, not a car is not honking its horns, not a pedestrian is not waving a flag. For the fourth day in a row millions Egyptians revolted peacefully with a great sense of jubilation, all chanting that they have already toppled the regime.

Cairo alone has nine anti-regime protests packing the streets today. Two more protests have been added to the list; one in front of the Republican Guards building and the other in front of the Republican Guards mansion where Morsi is reportedly staying. Protesters met the army and police personnel, who gave free bottles of water, with cheers and hugs.

Helicopters didn't fly over the protesters all morning, but as the night fell they were back....

Army in the Street

More army personnel and tanks were deployed in the streets today, their numbers have increased a lot more than what was already big numbers. For t…

Egypt Uprising 2013: The Decentralized Battle

July 2, 2013

Fireworks and a revolution

The celebratory protests continue across the country, in Cairo, Giza, Qaloybeya, Alexandria, Suez, Port Said, Mansoura, Dameitta, Minya, Assuit, Tanta, Beni Sueif, Aswan, Luxor, Qena, Red Sea, Munfeya, Ismalia, Mahalla and many other cities. A great percentage of the population was in the streets for the third day today. Greater Cairo alone had seven protests against the Islamist Fascist regime. In Tahrir Square, the vicinity of the Ithadeya Presidential Palace in Heliopolis, the vicinity of Obba Presidential Palace in Kobry El Obba, the vicinity of the Ministry of Defense, Kitkat, the vicinity of the Giza Governorate and Helwan one word roared, "LEAVE". This is of course if we don't count people standing in front of their door step or roaming with their cars with the same aim.

In all streets and squares all over the country, the Egyptian Eagle caught the sheep....

A different type of protesting

The Islamists finally could think "…

Egypt Uprising 2013: 48 Hours

July 1, 2013

Sexual assault

Tahrir Square saw more than 40 cases of sexual assault and rape last night, while many volunteered to protect ladies from sexual violence, these 40 cases still happened. What is also worth mentioning is that protesters of the Presidential Palace in Heliopolis and all other places didn't suffer from the same problem.

This raises the question of this being an organized mob to scare ladies off...

The morning after

After millions protested demanding that President Mohamed Morsi leaves, Egypt woke up to protests that haven't stopped all over the country. Four sit-ins continued in Cairo through the first night after the official start of the June 30 revolution. By midday the numbers have started to increase.

The majority of the crowd that cheered for the army helicopters yesterday still showed full support to the Armed Forces....

The tyranny symbol on fire one more time

On January 28, 2011, the Day of Rage, protesters headed to the National Democratic Party Head…

Egypt Uprising 2013: No One is at Home!

June 30, 2013

The time has come

The day has come! Tamarod Movement (Rebel) called upon Egyptians around two months ago to continue what they started when signing the forms by protesting today to topple President Mohamed Morsi, the first civilian elected president who have failed to achieve the January 25 Revolution objectives and have worked on empowering the Muslim Brotherhood in all sides of the state.

Almost nobody stayed home after 4:00 pm. The whole of Cairo was out; some walked in demonstrations, others drove cars and cheered for protesters in a new way of objecting, others sat in front of their building doorstep in yet another new way of objecting, and others left the city. Millions of people took the streets today, all uniting on one demand, to bring down the Islamist Fascist regime.

Tahrir square and the vicinity of the Presidential Palace in Heliopolis had no place to set foot while the protesters still flooded in. In the governorates things were no different, hundreds of thous…