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“Hope is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul
And sings the tune without the words
And never stops at all.”
― Emily Dickinson
“The very least you can do in your life is figure out what you hope for. And the most you can do is live inside that hope. Not admire it from a distance but live right in it, under its roof.”
― Barbara Kingsolver,
“It's really a wonder that I haven't dropped all my ideals, because they seem so absurd and impossible to carry out. Yet I keep them, because in spite of everything I still believe that people are really good at heart.”
― Anne Frank 
“When we love, we always strive to become better than we are. When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.”
― Paulo Coelho,
“It is often in the darkest
skies that we see the
brightest stars.”
― Richard Evans 
“The things you do for yourself are gone when you are gone, but the things you do for others remain as your lega…

A Lost Self, Part Three

They grow closer everyday, she enjoys being with him but it's nothing like what she feels in her dream that has become a daily dream. He does not make her feel like the queen of his universe. She does not feel free when she's with him, she feels enslaved in the need for his love. With him, she lives a flat life, with no ups or downs, with no meaning, with no rhyme. She lives an acceptable life, but not a happy one. Then the day comes and he proposes to her...
She thinks about the time she spends with him, about how his touch does not make her shiver, about how his kiss is nothing but lips touching. About how her life with him is a life of feelings that lack meaning. She thinks of how she's been with him for months but knows nothing about him but his name. She thinks how she would feel if he died, and she knows that she wouldn't care. Then she remembers the last time she reacted upon that thought and she agrees to marry him...
She begins the journey of knowing who he r…

We Say No to Injustice

You know how many of the popular activists were worried of calling for a protest against Shafiq because they were afraid that people won't join? Well, people proved them wrong today. Because just as the results came out and we understood that the committee did nothing about the fraud cases and that Shafiq is actually going to be in the run-offs, they went directly to Tahrir. They went their without anyone asking them to or planning it or anything. The real Egyptians who are not the best political analysts, saw what's right and they did it.

It's been crazy since Friday with people being stuck in a dilemma and not knowing what to do. You'd walk in the street, get in a restaurant or a shop and you'd see people talking about how they don't know what to do. Most of the Egyptians were praying for a third option all the time. And when the minute came and the third option didn't come to them, they went to get it.

I went out in the morning with a depression that has…


She was forcefully married to him by a father who thought was doing the right thing. He hit her every night, he raped her, he made her work like a slave and stole all her money. She stayed with him and couldn't do anything. He made her pregnant and gave her hormones so she gives birth to twins, triplets and quadruplets and sold many of their kids. She lived with him for 30 years, accepting life the way it was, never thinking of changing it, never thinking she could do anything. But his brutality increased every year, until someday she couldn't handle it any longer but didn't know what to do. Until her younger sister who was going through the same story stood up and fought for a divorce and got one. She knew what to do, she asked him for a divorce, but he laughed hysterically and hit her until she lost consciousness. The next day she woke up knowing that there is no turning back, she will have to have her divorce. She fought and fought and fought and never gave up no matter…


The truth is that revolutions don't just accept the best of the worst. The truth is that many of us are taking the easy way out. The truth is that a revolutionary choice cannot be morally incorrect. The truth is that some of us want to give up the fight because its just so hard. The truth is that we all know Shafiq should not be in the elections when he killed people, has corruption cases and there is a law, that was actually made specially for him, to prohibit him from running that was never implemented. The truth is that many of us plan to do nothing about it except voting for the MB. And the truth is that these people don't want to vote for Shafiq because he killed people, but would vote for the MB who left people dying in Mohamed Mahmoud and many times after and did nothing about it. The truth is that those people don't want to vote for Shafiq because he is against the revolution, but would vote for the MB who sold the revolution for their own benefit a long time ago. …


In this time when we're all stressed out and can't even think straight. At the time when around 43% of us decided to steal our dream and vote for the worst two candidates. At this time I'd rather stay silent and not write a word. I am freaking out more than many because simply Morsy is not an option for me, just like Shafiq. But it's at the worst of times when you look back and see if you've done the right thing. It's at the worst of times when you think of what would you do if one of the worst two own, will you repeat the same mistakes? It's at the worst of times when you reach out to God and pray your heart out for him to get you through this and to a better result.

When I look back I see that we haven't worked enough with people although we have the power to. Starting from the referendum that we should have learned from, to these elections. We either protested or talked together in our own bubbles without thinking of the rest of the country. Many of …

Who Voted for Shafiq?

After standing in a line with the Heliopolis ladies who were mostly voting for Shafiq, I came back home wondering why would anyone do such thing? The most popular answer I got from the ladies was in fear of Ikhwan. Knowing that the percentage of Christians here is more than in other places, and knowing that us, the ladies of Heliopolis, can never live the life of Ikhwan with what Azza El Garf says about FGM and sexual harassment laws, with forcing us to wear or not wear something (even the veiled of us), with having men control our lives, with having someone control our religious practices it makes sense to be against Ikhwan. And being one of those ladies, I too am against Ikhwan and anyone who mixes religion with politics. Now this takes out Morsy (although I know a few who voted for him), and maybe Abo El Fotooh for some. So then I asked why not Sabahy? And they were all against him because of being a Nasserist because they're families were put under great harm because of nation…

I'm Marked in History, I Made History

I'm marked in history as a person who said no in a time when it could take my life. As someone who believed in everybody's right to live a just life. As someone who fought for her belief. As someone who was part of the first real Egyptian revolution. As someone who overthrew a dictator in 18 days. As someone didn't accept failure and fought 19 other dictators. As someone who didn't give up the fight. As someone who didn't, and won't, give up on a dream whose limit is the sky. As someone who will never let the blood of those who died go in vain. As someone who chose to fight all the dirtiness by being always clean. As someone who chose to vote for a greater good rather than only my own benefit. As someone who did her best to keep people believing in the revolution and its candidates. As someone who, even in the elections queue, tried to convince people to not give up on the revolution. As one of the very first Egyptians to vote in a presidential elections, as s…

How to Lose the Voting Uncertainty

I was watching Dr Manal Omar today (a psychiatrist) talking about how to make a right decision when uncertain about something. Her talk was about the elections and those of us who haven't decided yet who to vote for, but those steps can be applied to anything. I'm sharing them with you, dear reader, and if you have decided who to vote for, keep them, you might need them someday. They're supposed to be ten steps, but she only said nine compacting two of them into one. I promise to try to find the source and update this post with the ten steps as written by the author later. So without further ado, I bring to you nine of the ten steps to making the right decision:
1. Collect different information from different sources, both good and bad. Find the pros and cons of your choices. 
- When it comes to the elections, list all the candidates' pros and cons that you collect from different sources, trusted ones, and make your first choice according to those findings.
2. Be basi…

A Lost Self, Part Two

Part one here

She wakes up feeling so empty, the hole inside of her has grown so big. She stopped taking care of herself, she barely looked in the mirror, worked only to have a roof over her head, never went out at night. She wakes up needing to see a smiling face, needing lips to touch hers, needing to hear sweet little things, but she wakes up to nothingness, to a silent scream of a needy self that is so loud.

She puts on whatever clothes she finds and goes to work. On her way she meets a homeless person singing for money. She stops and listens, he sings of love and of lust, his words are like a knife that cuts her into endless pieces. She listens, throws him a coin, then leaves. As she walks away from him, she sees him winking to her. On her way back she stops and listens again, this time he sings about a lost love and a broken heart. His words do nothing to her, they don't come any close to her heart, she has never felt this way. She leaves him the change and he gives her ano…


Away from all the pain, so far away. Away from dirty streets and dirty souls, away from crowded streets and empty minds. Away from fights over opinions, away from dissing and swearing. Away from interfering, away from the lack of privacy. Away from the lack of morals, away from the lack humanity. Away from dirty rumors away from dirty means. Away from technology, from traffic, from street fights, from shouting, from hatred, from hypocrisy, from lying, from double standards.
So far away in a place where hatred does not exist, where people are as pure as a baby's soul that has not yet been scratched. Where the only sounds are of air, water and music. Where everyone respects each other. A clean place with clean words. A colorful place, that draws colorful memories. A place that only smells of nature away from pollution. A place where love exists. A place of peace and serenity, of comfort. A place where a person can actually enjoy just a few days. A place where showers are to be take…


Some see me as a crazy person because I can't find someone to vote for. Others see me as a crazy person because I won't boycott the elections. Others see me as a crazy person because I don't want to vote for one of the candidates who have the best chances of winning. I am not crazy, I just want to be clean of all the dirtiness in this game, my vote is my duty and if I don't choose to put it in the right square, then my conscious won't let me live in peace for one day.
I can't vote for someone who I see as not the best in all 13 candidates just because he's OK and has the highest chances of winning. If I'm in a room with people all taking drugs, should I join them just because they're all doing it? Let democracy choose whatever it wants, but I won't just join the herd on something I know is wrong, not when I have a choice.
I can't boycott because it's my duty to try to choose who's best in the 13 candidates, to try my best to make hi…

Tic Toc

It's at the break of dawn, it's when the sun is setting. It's when the very first bird starts singing in the morning, it's in my every dream. It's with every breath taken, and every breath taken away. It's with every step, it's with every touch. It's with every smile, it's with every frown. It's when I'm working, it's when I'm playing. It's when I'm running, it's when I'm standing. It's when I laugh, it's when I cry. It's with every meal, it's with every drink. It's with every tic of the clock, and with every toc. It's when I'm driving, it's when I'm walking. It's the only time I think of you.

Why Shafiq? Why Moussa? Why Morsy?

Vote for Shafiq or Moussa if you wish to have a never ending revolution. Vote for them if you want no stability, if you want the productivity wheel to stop for four more years, if you want no security. Why? Simply because Moussa and Shafiq will not come close to the revolution's demands, which will lead to more protests and no stability. One or both might think of dispersing protests violently, which will only lead to more people protesting! We will lose all stability, no production wheel will move, no security will be regained. We'll just stay in this mess with a broken economy and worse security until either the revolution wins or the four years end.
Vote for Morsy if you want a new National Democratic Party with no difference except having the word Islam in their name. Whether you're for Muslim Brotherhood or Islamists or not, vote for Morsy if you want the parliament which is 41% Freedom and Justice Party members + 30% Islamists and allies of this party, to monitor th…

Presidential Campaigns: Campaign Winners

After going through all the campaigns, I came up with these nicknames which are inspired from the campaigns and nothing else (just for the fun of it =)). Sabahy, the politician next doorAbo El Fotooh, the fatherAli, the young revolutionary airEl Awwa, the teacherMorsy, the nobodyMoussa, the bumptiousShafiq, the narcissist And the winners are.....
Morsy: renaissance... is people's will. It's a magical slogan, with three words that go very well together and explains that the president won't ever have a magic stick to make dreams come true.
Simple and nice, perfect colors, font, smile and with the headlines of the program giving a shot of hope. Simplicity that leads to perfection.
Although Amr Moussa's commercial is much better and probably much more expensive too, he partially ruins it by his snobbish looks and his blurred scenes. Abo El Fotooh's commercial is not as good, but he looks so honest and is not afraid of showing his age in the commerc…

Presidential Campaigns: Ahmed Shafiq

Deeds....not words: this is the translation of a cliched American slogan. The meaning is not bad, but it's one slogan that needs to be proven more than any other. It is also one that revolves around Shafiq and only Shfiq, which makes it negatively different from the rest. The rest are either about the country or the people or the people and the candidate. This one is only about Shafiq and how good he is. Slogans that have the people as part of them are way better and give a feeling of unity, a sign that the president is a leader and the people are his team, that he can't do anything without their support.
Egypt for all and by all: plays on the part about Islamists and how they might discriminate against Christians and Muslim liberals. It's something against Islamists, but not for Shafiq, this is how things should be. It hasn't said anything new, just like Moussa's "one people, one nation".
This poster is "elegant", the dark blue and…

Presidential Campaigns: Amr Moussa

We're ready for the challenge: using "we" has its charm, is explains that Moussa's project is one that needs everyone to take part in, as he puts it. The challenge is not the best choice though, it is a sign of the power of the we, yet I can't help ask myself who exactly are we challenging? It seems to be inspired from Obama's "yes we can" (shows in the commercial), except it focuses on an unexplained challenge rather than that we can. It's not bad, but could have been better, especially when considering the endless amount of money Moussa's campaign has.
The rebuilding of Egypt: too obvious, also gives a feeling that we're now a complete failure and that he'll turn everything upside down. It doesn't go with him being a very slight reformer. His plan is to almost leave things as is, and this doesn't go with the slogan. Yet even if it does, it still gives a feeling that we're a mess of a country and only him can turn…

Presidential Campaigns: Mohamed Morsy

Renaissance... is people's will: this slogan is also one of the best. Renaissance is what we all want, and that's what they're program is about; the renaissance project (also a very good choice). By people's will they give the impression that the program can never be achieved unless it's the will of the people and they work for it.
Very very very ugly poster! Terrible choice of colors! I'm aware they're using the flag's colors, but the whole poster is red and black except for one line! This is horrible! Red is blood and anger, and black is corruption and dark ages. Why? These are the worst colors they can ever use for a candidate's poster. The font is also unfriendly and uncomfortable, and although they were kind enough to write his name in white, they again chose black for 2012. How stupid is that? His smile is too weak that I can't even see it, he has this lame and weak look, one that is far from helping him winning the elections.…

Presidential Campaigns: Mohamed Selim El Awwa


With justice.... rises Egypt: This is one of the best slogans; without justice Egypt shall never rise. Justice is the highest priority, the top need for a civilized country. The campaign's definition of justice might not be the best one, but if we imagine that this slogan carries the true meaning of justice, then it's definitely the one of the best.

Post The poster is almost meaningless, neither good, nor bad. The background color signifies the sky, which is not bad. His name in red is a bad choice, red signifies anger and blood, the font is OK. His look has something very uncomfortable, it is sort of a cunning look.
TV Commercial None of the three commercials have anything to do with justice, they're just stupid examples of equality that should not even be said because they're too normal to be the reason to vote for someone. This is how Egypt has to be with or with without Awwa. The stupid commercials ruin the slogan.
On the ground
He has done a few conferences and…

A Lost Self

Lying alone in a bed that used to be hers she feels all the weight of waiting lying on her soul, she feels her breath losing its way. It's been so long since she's been in love, she remembers that feeling and regrets leaving him before finding another. They both knew it was just an act, but they both knew they needed to take their parts. They both knew they had to have this feeling, to have someone to make them complete. It was not sexual, it was just being loved, having someone to say sweet words to their ears, to hug them tight, to give them presents, to take them out. Someone to tell them that they loved them, whether this was true or not was not important to them. They stayed on the same act for three years until a car hit him...
She felt that she was the one who was hit; she didn't really care if he died or stayed alive, she didn't care the least about him. She knew her feelings were not true, but she has never felt that she is a person with no feelings at all. S…

My Take on the Debate

I have only seen parts of debates between American candidates but, comparing to these, the team has done a very good job. The debate was very well organized and the anchors did their jobs very well. Yet, it started 15 minutes later than it should have and was very highly commercialized.Also the fact that it started at 9:15 and ended after 2:00 am was very....tiring! There should be some analysis afterwards too done by some experts.
Amr Moussa:
I thought Amr Moussa would have done much better than that, luckily he didn't. Being a diplomatic person, he nearly didn't answer any question clearly. He was very nervous and ill-tempered and was angered very very easily many times. He was also very bumptious and snobbish and looked down (literally) to everyone. He also moved too much and made very stupid gestures. His answers to the anchor's questions were not good, but his questions to Abo El Fotooh got him many times and made him look like an Islamist who's on the very r…