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Egypt, Now and Then; Right Now

I never knew that I could be that depressed, I literally didn't know that I had the ability to be that hurt. For the Egyptians who died, our martyrs. For the Muslims and Christians who fell in the trap, for those who gave the terrorists the time of their lives by fighting each other, by hating each other. On the first of January, my family and I did what we had to do, what we could do at that time. We called our Christian friends and offered them our deepest condolences. But this isn't only their loss, it's our loss, it's all of Egypt's loss. 22  Egyptian families are mourning the death of a family member, a loved one, a best friend. Others are mourning the loss of innocent human beings, religious ones,who were celebrating a new year. Others are thinking of the loss of a country who's people are too busy fighting each other to save it from falling.
No religion would see this as a good deed. Not a single normal human being would. Only those brainwashed, only thos…