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Happy New Life

I am not a big fan of odd numbered years. That hatred started on 2001, not only because of 9/11 which gave the American government the chance to ruin the world and gave Al Qaeda the chance to kill so many innocent Americans and non Americans (who could've been Arabs and Muslims too if that's how they think of people). But there is something about me and my family too, a day that non of us will forget. I had a very bad car accident one week before 9/11 in the United States and I was saved by those same people who were killed in 9/11. Americans helped us to get to hospitals and made sure that we got all we wanted. I was all alone in a hospital room and my family were in another hospital, and those Americans made sure to comfort me and tell me that the rest of us are OK. Don't get me wrong, it's the American people who I love and not the American government, I hate the American government just like I hate the Egyptian government. For those many reasons 2001, and other odd…

New Year's Resolutions

1. To be less aggressive
2. To be closer to friends
3. To see more of my family
4. To never lose contact with old friends
5. To finish my masters
6. To get a job
7. To listen to more music
8. To see more ballet
9. To be on a healthier diet
10. To be nicer to people
11. To use less of Facebook
12. To read more books (l)
13. To write more (l) (l)
14. To stop delaying everything
15. To be more organized
16. To live a peaceful life
17. To never stop smiling =)
Happy new year =D...

Whatever Happened to the Egyptians?!

The only times you can feel the love of Egyptians to the their country is, of course, during football games! I always thought that this shows two things: first, that Egyptians DO love Egypt, but they never get the chance to express this love expect in football games. This is because there is nothing else to be proud of in here, and I'm talking about our present and only our present. The second thing is the negativity of Egyptians that love their country so much that Egypt turns red, white and black one week before the game, but when it comes to something that needs work from them, then this love will disappear. Then those of them who can migrate to other countries will do so, and others who can't go anywhere, will just say "مفيش فايدة".

I was born long after Egyptians fought for their freedom, but I know that they always did fight for it. What happened to us? Why can't we do the tiniest of things for this country?! I'm sure we all remember what happened about …

Red, White and Green

It's that time of the year again!!
Living in a country where it's summer most of the year makes you love winter =). I love those cold winter days when you feel like you want to run so you can feel a little warmer. I love spending cold winter nights wearing tons of clothes and drinking a cup of hot chocolate. 

December is very special for me, it's the season of celebrations. No, I don't celebrate Christmas, but yes, I love Christmas. First, it's the season of decorations, that I finally see a lot of around here. It's the season of wonderful looking Christmas trees, Huge ones that stand in malls or by shops, and smaller ones that you might find lit up, with little colored lamps, near a window in some houses. It's the season of Christmas plants, the red colored leaves that look like...well, like Christmas. They look so good, that you'd want to smile whenever you see one. It's season of snow (well, at least in some lucky countries), snowmen and snowballs.…