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A Disney Story that Actually Respects Women

When Frozen came to the big screen their was a huge fuss about it being the first Disney movie that doesn't teach young girls that's it's OK to "marry someone you've just met", as the lead characters have so clearly put it. They also say it's the first to portray a woman as a savior and focus on sisterly love rather than a prince charming. I do agree that Frozen is special and great, and a good shift in the Disney movies, but it's not one of a kind, or is it the first to portray a woman with a strong character, who is also a savior and not one to fall for a prince charming, just because, well, he's a prince and charming.
Comparing Frozen to Cinderella, Snow White or Sleeping Beauty would actually make it seem as a breakthrough; although these movies have some nice teachings they have indeed ruined the idea of true love. Yet there is another movie that is underrated, that had teachings about true love that are even greater than those in Frozen.