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Egypt Uprising 2013: The Hidden Truth

August 17th, 2013

As the two sides who have been seen killing people in the past two and a half years fight each other, the truth about what happened remains veiled. As the media is divided between haters and supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood, haters that seem ready for a deal even with the devil, the truth remain veiled. As most people hate the MB and find their personal security under attack, they choose to believe their own version of the truth. As brainwashed MB supporters are told that their fight is for God and the Prophet, they choose to believe the version of the truth their leaders sell them.
The only truth is that Egypt is living a great conspiracy that keeps the country blacked out from the truth...

After a long night that began with deaths, reaching more than 113 and ended with buildings set ablaze, a blockade started at dawn in Ramsis around El Fath Mosque which pro Morsi protesters used as a barricade for the night along with their dead and injured. There we…

Egypt Uprising 2013: Egypt Under Attack

August 16th, 2013

Death continues

As the sun refuses to shine one more day the country faces more bloodshed and death. On the day that Islamist protesters called "The Day of Rage", the same name given to January 28th, 2011, tens of casualties were reported all over the country from Islamists, residents, police and army. In Cairo 50 lost their lives, while in Fayoum, Ismaleia, Dameitta, Alexandria, Tanta, Port Said and other cities across the country an average of six people lost their lives in each city.

The death toll is yet to rise...


Marches of thousands of Islamists moved from all over the countryto condemn what they called a coup and the massacre that took place two days ago while dispersing their sit ins causing hundreds of deaths. The protests that started with peaceful chants mostly turned violent. In Cairo, where 28 marches were planned, clashed erupted in many spots all over the capital. In Giza, a protest that passed by a church was shot at by the army personn…

Egypt Uprising 2013: Blood is Shed

August 14th, 15th, 2013


On August 14th, 2013 Cairo woke up to news that the almost 50 day long sit in of Rabaa El Adaweya and Nahdet Masr by the ousted president Mohamed Morsi's Supporters are being dispersed. At 6:00 am, both sit ins were blocked by police forces. A few hours later they were violently dispersed. What is sadly special about this day is thatall media sources are biased to one of the two sides, telling their own story that does not overlap at all with the other side's story. Between these biased sources, one can never know what really happened. Not only this, but also that almost all photojournalists were either beaten and arrested by security or shot or killed by snipers of unknown identity.

Among this blackout it was still understood that what the country had faced starting early morning was a war with both parties as heavily armed as each other, causing more than 638 deaths to haunt both sides....

Nahdet Masr

The smaller sit in was dispersed much easier; by …

Egypt Uprising 2013: The War is on!

July 26, 2013

On a good memory

Two days before the day that has been written in history more than once in Egypt, a man of the army which has already put it in history twice tried to do it a third time. July 26, the day King Farouk was ousted by a military coup that turned into a people's revolution, is the same day when President Gamal Abd El Nasser announced the nationalization of Suez Canal, it's a day that is celebrated by every single Egyptian. Two days before the day came, General Abd El Fattah El Sisi, Minister of Defense tried to make use of the memory and called for the people to take to the streets to give a mandate to the Police and Armed Forces to fight what he called the war against terrorism and violence.

The call, that was backed by secular-political groups, was met by great popular support of millions in all cities all over the country. Even before breaking their fast, millions of Egyptians took to the streets to announce their full support to the security forces i…

Egypt Uprising 2013: The Forced Massacre

July 27, 201329 million Egyptians took to the streets for the third time in one month, most of them moved by growing hatred of the Muslim Brotherhood and all other terrorist groups that support them. This piece of information seems to be not understood or misinterpreted by Rabaa and Nahdet Masr protesters. Either this, or they plan to rule a country with no inhabitants other than themselves. A few hours before dawn MB had a plan ready to win the compassion of some. Suddenly Rabaa sit in was extended in one of Nasr City's main streets, protesters also tried to block 6 October bridge and built six walls to block the streets. They were met by police and army who fired tear gas to disperse them. Suddenly a massacre erupted and deaths reached 74 with hundreds of injuries from both sides. How it happened exactly is not known, what is known for sure is that protesters had weapons and killed, pictures and videos of this can be found all over the Internet. The violent protesters who blocke…

Egypt Uprising 2013: Connect the Dots

Rebel, a movement that has moved the whole country, was it really only a people's movement? Supporters and opponents both agree that it is a very intelligent idea, and when the word "intelligence" is mentioned one has to remember that General Abd El Fattah El Sisi, Minister of Defense is the former head of the Agency for Military Intelligence. The implications of this might be bigger than we think...
Egypt lived a year of continuous failure on the political level, whether this failure was completely or partially the responsibility of the Muslim Brotherhood remains unknown, yet this does not make the MB less of terrorists or traitors. The only fact is that the events that happened in the past year succeeded in having a great majority of Egyptians against the Muslim Brotherhood and Islamists in general, that's a fact that kept being proven starting Morsi's 100th day in power, the numbers kept increasing until they reached the millions we all saw on June 30 and the d…

Egypt Uprising 2013: In Closed Offices

July 9,10, 2013A decree done in the darknessThings went calm in the streets as Ramadan approached. One day before the fasting began a constitutional decree was issued without any prior notice to both Tamarod movement and The National Salvation Front. When read [AR], the decree seems to be only in favor of the army, judges and salafists, but not the revolution. The reaction of all sides was not accepting both the decree and issuing it without taking their advice. NSF and Tamarod both agreed to send their amendments and push with protests for them to be accepted. A day later, after El Noor Salafist Party announced that they don't accept the decree either, the stance of both the NSF and Tamarod changed. They both promised to issue a new statement regarding the decree that is "more moderate".What happens behind closed doors remains unknown....A prime minister,  finally!Negotiations are finally over and all sides, including El Noor Party which has a VETO power, have agreed on…

Egypt Uprising 2013: The Mastermind Remains Unknown

July 8th, 2013

A Massacre

The country woke up to the news of more than 50 deaths one more time. Although it has always been known who's responsible for the killing, this time the mastermind remains unknown. An armed fight erupted between Morsi Supporters and the army in front of the Republican Guards Mansion before dawn and resulted in deaths from both sides. Each side had a story of how the fight began that proves the other side guilty, both sides have also shown footage that prove their words. Yet the truth remains veiled.

The supporters' scenario is that the army decided to disperse the sit-in violently while they were praying. They claim that the peaceful sit-in that has been there since Friday was dispersed and as a result, women and children were killed. Their story is based on the army turning violent on peaceful protesters several times in the near history in 2011 and 2012. For this reason, some are made to believe their accusations.

On the other hand, the army claimed tha…

Egypt Uprising 2013: Against Terrorism, Aimed at the American Administration

July 7, 2013

Few chants, many cheers

Hundreds of thousands took to the streets today, yet again, to continue their revolution. Although numbers cannot be compared to the days before Former President Mohamed Morsi was toppled, the spirit was the same. Not much of chants, but many cheers for the Armed Forces Helicopters and Apaches, which constantly roamed Tahrir Square and the vicinity of the Presidential Palace in Heliopolis, were present. The spirit was still very high although people are aware that others are conspiring against their revolution.

The most common posters and stickers were ones against the Obama Administrationand terrorism. It was clearly stated that Egyptians are against the American government and not the American people.  It was also stated clearly that Egyptians want nothing from the American government, neither money nor support.

Revolutionaries fought the American-supported terrorism by stickers and a few chants saying "No to terrorism"....

The dispute conti…

Egypt Uprising 2013: Islamist Conspiracy

July 7th, 2013

An Unjustified VETO

As things went well and President Adly Mansour started to appoint more advisers hopes went high. By midday confirmed news leaks reported that Dr. Mohamed El Baradei, Chairman of El Dostoor Party and the National Salvation Front who is also supported by June 30 Front, will be appointed as Prime Minister. Many revolutionaries started to celebrate and names of ministers started to circulate. Hours later Mansour's media adviser, Ahmed El Meslemany held a press conference and denied the news, he stated that there was no agreement upon him. El Noor Party, the most powerful Salafist Party, issued their "VETO"!

This was met with great rage and questioning of why El Noor Party was that powerful. The party that has not been part of any of wave of the revolution plays politics better than any other Islamist party. Their members joined the Rabaa Sit-in supporting the Muslim Brotherhood while their leaders sit in closed offices trying to break the revo…

Egypt Uprising 2013: The Road to Civil War

July 5, 2013


It's everywhere! The Islamists took to the streets today to fight what some called their last war. As Rabaa sit-in stayed peaceful with tens of thousands listening to speeches by retired and active terrorists inciting violence and hatred, their fellows turned violent in the rest of the country. In North Sinai eight concurrent terrorist attacks took place in the morning. One of the attacks targeted Arish Airport, resulting in delaying army planes from landing. Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor, Damanhoor, Suez, Ismaelia, Matrooh and other cities faced different types of terrorism. Luxor faced sectarian violence,  Suez violence against army and police personnel, while Cairo and Alexandria had street battles between Morsi supporters and revolutionaries. Other supporters also tried setting police departments on fire.

In all cases Morsi supporters used at least live ammunition and bird-shots. They were also met with weapons. In Cairo clashes took place in the same square whe…

Egypt Uprising 2013: The Country's Luckiest Man

July 4, 2013

What's the name of the president?

Former President Mohamed Morsi appointed the new Chief Justice of Egypt's Supreme Constitutional Court two days before he was chosen to be president. The new president gave a small speech after he was sworn in. President Mansour Adly stated that he has been "appointed by the Egyptian people, the source of all authorities," after they have corrected the path of thr January 25 Revolution. "The greatest benefit of June 30 is that it united the people again", he said. He also said that that this uprising shall "end the worship of the ruler forever". He expressed his hopes that Egyptians "would never leave the square, generation after another, awake and aware, protecting their revolution". He also declared that during this transitional period free, fair parliamentary and presidential elections will be held according to the people's will.

Adly Mansour, Egypt's new interim president is offi…

Egypt Uprising 2013: Morsi Ousted

July 3, 2013 -Updated

The road-map is out

A joint statement was made. It started by General Abd El Fattah El Sisi, Minister of Defense who said that they "listened to the message of Egyptians in all cities and villages all over the country". He continued: "after trying many times since November to fix things and found all suggestions were met by refusal from the presidency,  and since the president's speech yesterday was not accepted by the people, the Armed Forces had to take the responsibility after talking with all political, religious and youth figures".  He declared that the Armed Forces will not take part in politics and gave a road-map with the following:

Temporary suspension of the current constitution. Appointing the Supreme Constitutional Court Head as an interim president for a transitional period until a new president is elected. He will also be given the right of issuing constitutional declarations. Forming a cross-party panel to propose amendments …

Egypt Uprising 2013: The Cheerful People

July 3, 2013

Revolting with a smile

Egyptians are the only people who celebrate a revolution before it even succeeds, not a face is not wearing a smile, not a car is not honking its horns, not a pedestrian is not waving a flag. For the fourth day in a row millions Egyptians revolted peacefully with a great sense of jubilation, all chanting that they have already toppled the regime.

Cairo alone has nine anti-regime protests packing the streets today. Two more protests have been added to the list; one in front of the Republican Guards building and the other in front of the Republican Guards mansion where Morsi is reportedly staying. Protesters met the army and police personnel, who gave free bottles of water, with cheers and hugs.

Helicopters didn't fly over the protesters all morning, but as the night fell they were back....

Army in the Street

More army personnel and tanks were deployed in the streets today, their numbers have increased a lot more than what was already big numbers. For t…

Egypt Uprising 2013: The Decentralized Battle

July 2, 2013

Fireworks and a revolution

The celebratory protests continue across the country, in Cairo, Giza, Qaloybeya, Alexandria, Suez, Port Said, Mansoura, Dameitta, Minya, Assuit, Tanta, Beni Sueif, Aswan, Luxor, Qena, Red Sea, Munfeya, Ismalia, Mahalla and many other cities. A great percentage of the population was in the streets for the third day today. Greater Cairo alone had seven protests against the Islamist Fascist regime. In Tahrir Square, the vicinity of the Ithadeya Presidential Palace in Heliopolis, the vicinity of Obba Presidential Palace in Kobry El Obba, the vicinity of the Ministry of Defense, Kitkat, the vicinity of the Giza Governorate and Helwan one word roared, "LEAVE". This is of course if we don't count people standing in front of their door step or roaming with their cars with the same aim.

In all streets and squares all over the country, the Egyptian Eagle caught the sheep....

A different type of protesting

The Islamists finally could think "…