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Do Good

I learned a good lesson today. To show my gratitude to God and my family, I've decided to share it with the world. And I'm hoping that many will read this, and learn the lesson I've learned.
My father wanted to do a good deed, and I kept arguing with him not to do it, because it was someone else's duty. He told me that I'm letting the evil energy take over me, and I'd be willing not to do something for someone special just because another person wouldn't do it. Unlike me, he always lets good energy take over =). He said he'll do it, and that he doesn't care if it's somebody else's duty.
Five minutes later, the phone rang, and I got some very good news. I was looking for a medicine that helps lessen my migraine. It disappeared two months ago, I had only nine days before I finish all I have and then I'd get a headache that would never leave me for a week. Because that's what happens if I don't decrease my intake gradually. The good n…

Another Egyptian - Syrian Union

Ramadan... The season for Arabic series. What's the relationship between fasting and TV? How could we watch 150 series and shows in Ramadan? This number is enough for a whole year! How could one choose what to watch? Whatever happened to the day when there was el fawazeer, alf laila we laila and one comedy series?
Why would people have extra time in Ramadan to watch TV? Because they leave work, school or college earlier than other days? But don't we leave early to read Qura'n, pray, cook iftar, or even sleep? We leave because people have less energy in Ramadan, not to watch TV! This isn't why I'm writing this, even though it's driving me crazy.
There's one thing I like about the many many series though. It's the fact that there's lots of Egyptian-Syrian series these days. Having Abed Fahd, Solaf Fawakherjy, Gamal Soliman, Taiem Hassan, Eyad Nassar (even though he's not Syrian), and many many more together with Egyptain actors and actresses is very…

Rest in Peace Sweet Memories

I've been working 16 hours a day for four days now to catch an MPEG meeting when yesterday after 12 hours of debugging, I've decided that I needed a break. Having to face the fact that I can't afford more than a five minute break, I decided to listen to a song on Youtube. To cheer myself up and remember the good ol' days, I chose to listen to a Boyzone song. Ten years ago (and when I say that I feel really old), Boyzone was my favorite band along with Backstreet Boys. I've spent long long times of my days listening to their songs and singing them. I knew each and every song of theirs by heart. I haven't missed one of their videos, I was one of those crazy teenagers (whom I loved and still do), who'd spend all her vacation watching MTV and downloading new songs. So back to yesterday, I've decided to watch A Different Beat, one of my favorites. It's a song that talks about humanity and how everyone is equal. The minute I Youtubed Boyzone, I found an en…