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Egypt Uprising 2013: The Hidden Truth

August 17th, 2013

As the two sides who have been seen killing people in the past two and a half years fight each other, the truth about what happened remains veiled. As the media is divided between haters and supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood, haters that seem ready for a deal even with the devil, the truth remain veiled. As most people hate the MB and find their personal security under attack, they choose to believe their own version of the truth. As brainwashed MB supporters are told that their fight is for God and the Prophet, they choose to believe the version of the truth their leaders sell them.
The only truth is that Egypt is living a great conspiracy that keeps the country blacked out from the truth...

After a long night that began with deaths, reaching more than 113 and ended with buildings set ablaze, a blockade started at dawn in Ramsis around El Fath Mosque which pro Morsi protesters used as a barricade for the night along with their dead and injured. There we…

Egypt Uprising 2013: Egypt Under Attack

August 16th, 2013

Death continues

As the sun refuses to shine one more day the country faces more bloodshed and death. On the day that Islamist protesters called "The Day of Rage", the same name given to January 28th, 2011, tens of casualties were reported all over the country from Islamists, residents, police and army. In Cairo 50 lost their lives, while in Fayoum, Ismaleia, Dameitta, Alexandria, Tanta, Port Said and other cities across the country an average of six people lost their lives in each city.

The death toll is yet to rise...


Marches of thousands of Islamists moved from all over the countryto condemn what they called a coup and the massacre that took place two days ago while dispersing their sit ins causing hundreds of deaths. The protests that started with peaceful chants mostly turned violent. In Cairo, where 28 marches were planned, clashed erupted in many spots all over the capital. In Giza, a protest that passed by a church was shot at by the army personn…

Egypt Uprising 2013: Blood is Shed

August 14th, 15th, 2013


On August 14th, 2013 Cairo woke up to news that the almost 50 day long sit in of Rabaa El Adaweya and Nahdet Masr by the ousted president Mohamed Morsi's Supporters are being dispersed. At 6:00 am, both sit ins were blocked by police forces. A few hours later they were violently dispersed. What is sadly special about this day is thatall media sources are biased to one of the two sides, telling their own story that does not overlap at all with the other side's story. Between these biased sources, one can never know what really happened. Not only this, but also that almost all photojournalists were either beaten and arrested by security or shot or killed by snipers of unknown identity.

Among this blackout it was still understood that what the country had faced starting early morning was a war with both parties as heavily armed as each other, causing more than 638 deaths to haunt both sides....

Nahdet Masr

The smaller sit in was dispersed much easier; by …