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Egypt Presidential Election, 2014: Where Have the Candidates Gone?

From Thirteen to One
As mentioned in the previous post, in the 2012 election we had 13 qualified candidates, six of whom are popular political faces. This year only one of them is among the presidential hopefuls. What happened to the rest? Why did they choose not to take part this time?
Hamdeen Sabahy
The only 2012 candidate who decided to run for presidency in 2014, Sabahy was given around 5 million votes in 2012 making him the third highest candidate in terms of number of votes after the ousted president Mohamed Morsi, and the Mubarak-era prime minister, Ahmed Shafiq.
Sabahy decided to take a chance in 2014 even though the results are already known. He has stated in a press conference last month that his personal decision is to take part in "the election war", believing that he is doing that for the revolution and the martyrs. 

Reactions to this presidential bid varied; some believed that by taking this decision he's legitimizing the election, others called him a traitor …