Red, White and Green

It's that time of the year again!!
Living in a country where it's summer most of the year makes you love winter =). I love those cold winter days when you feel like you want to run so you can feel a little warmer. I love spending cold winter nights wearing tons of clothes and drinking a cup of hot chocolate. 

December is very special for me, it's the season of celebrations. No, I don't celebrate Christmas, but yes, I love Christmas. First, it's the season of decorations, that I finally see a lot of around here. It's the season of wonderful looking Christmas trees, Huge ones that stand in malls or by shops, and smaller ones that you might find lit up, with little colored lamps, near a window in some houses. It's the season of Christmas plants, the red colored leaves that look like...well, like Christmas. They look so good, that you'd want to smile whenever you see one. It's season of snow (well, at least in some lucky countries), snowmen and snowballs. It's the season of rain, or at least the smell of rain in less fortunate countries.

Christmas is filled with wonderful memories from my childhood. Memories from primary school, back when Manor House School was owned by a British bachelorette who had tens of cats put in our school buildings (which were villas in Heliopolis). We used to have a Christmas party every year; we'd sing Christmas carols that I still remember (and sing), we'd make our own dances or we'd have a choreographer (our P.E. teacher =)).

Preparations for this event would start a month before Christmas Day, which is of course a no classes day. We'd spend all our breaks and P.E. classes rehearsing the songs and dances. We'd all work very hard to make the best dance or song. And on the big day, we'd all wake up very early, even earlier than we do on school days. Our families come to see us perform and take pictures (that I still have). A Santa might be present too (that was in Kinder Garten; Mr. Raaouf our vice principle =)). We'd just have a blast. Aaah, those were the days.
Christmas reminds me of peacefulness, the white color reminds me of being young and naive, of living a peaceful life. It reminds me of nature, its green color reminds of good times that I've spent exploring that nature, which is more of deserts in here than forests or gardens of course. It reminds me of family, its red color reminds me of all the good times I've spent with my big family on New Year's Eve and other times. It reminds me of spreading the love, and it makes me feel loved. Christmas's red isn't love though, it's being close to your loved ones. That's all what Christmas is about. For me, Christmas is celebrating memories =).


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