Happy New Life

I am not a big fan of odd numbered years. That hatred started on 2001, not only because of 9/11 which gave the American government the chance to ruin the world and gave Al Qaeda the chance to kill so many innocent Americans and non Americans (who could've been Arabs and Muslims too if that's how they think of people). But there is something about me and my family too, a day that non of us will forget. I had a very bad car accident one week before 9/11 in the United States and I was saved by those same people who were killed in 9/11. Americans helped us to get to hospitals and made sure that we got all we wanted. I was all alone in a hospital room and my family were in another hospital, and those Americans made sure to comfort me and tell me that the rest of us are OK. Don't get me wrong, it's the American people who I love and not the American government, I hate the American government just like I hate the Egyptian government. For those many reasons 2001, and other odd numbered years that came after, were not my favorites.

2009 is totally different story though, it is an unforgettable year. It was a year of many many celebrations and good memories. A year filled with smiles and laughter with the best family and friends anyone could wish for. Here are some memories that are carved in my heart and some of the many reasons that made 2009 a very special year:

1. In May 2009, we had our photoshoot , that's a day that I'll never forget. It's a day that I wished would never end. I don't remember ever taking as much pictures as I did on that day. I don't remember seeing as many happy and excited faces as I saw on that day. Grad to be students, T.A.s and Professors all happy together celebrating the graduation of class of 2009.

2. In June 2009, I took my final final and we wore our "Evolution of an METian" T-shirts which had the greatest design in the world. We took a lot of pictures, had a dish party and enjoyed every bit of those days.

3.In October 31st 2009 (yes on the Halloween), GUC's class of 2009 celebrated their graduation. We had the best open air graduation ceremony. I shared this wonderful day with everyone I could wish for. I shared it with the best parents in the world, the kind of parents who you're very good friends with that you sometimes forget that they're your "parents". I shared it with my best friends from school, the great old best friends that I am so lucky to have. I shared it with my GUC best friends, the wonderful new best friends that filled those amazing five years with smiles and laughter even in the worst times ever. I shared it with the best T.A.s, professors and dean in the world, the people who worked very hard to make good engineers out of us. That was an unforgettable day, who could forget Prof. Slim's speech, our march, shouting out the pledge, turning our tassels, or throwing our caps high in the air.

4. In November 2009, one of my best friends got married. Seeing her looking like an angel, waiting to be  given away to her groom almost brought tears to my eyes, luckily I didn't cry and mess my make-up up =). I remember the wonderful moments we spent together in school. No one's is as sweet and peaceful as she is. I am so happy that I got to see her get married to the one she loves. Seeing a best friend getting married is nothing like nothing else I've experienced.

5. In November 2009, I started my Master's Thesis. After spending more than four months doing absolutely nothing, I began to do something I love. One of my dreams is on it's way to come true in 2010 inshaallah =).

6. In summer and fall 2009, I got to spend more time with my family, I got to see more people and go out more. I finally started to  have a social life again after five years of almost no social life.

7. In 2009, my mind has matured a lot. I started to have opinions on almost everything, I began to think of things other than studying. I've grown up and became wiser =).

8. In 2009, I began to write again =)

9. In 2009, I started to read Arabic books to improve my reading skills. It turned out that reading Arabic books can be fun too, even though it's not my favorite language :$.

10. In 2009, I knew what I wanted to do with my life and made a  (hopefully) good plan for my future.

So in the last day in this great year, I want to thank every person who made 2009 as special. Some people might have had tiny contributions, but it meant a lot to me, and their influence was great. Others might have had great ones that changed my life forever. But no matter how small or big they are, I know that 2009 wouldn't have been the same without any of them.

Farewell 2009, you've been such a great year, one that's filled with wonderful memories. You'll always bring a smile to my face whenever I remember you. You've given me good times that I'll always hold on to deep in my heart. You've given me good plans that will always stay the first thing on my mind. You've given me a great amount of energy that will make me start 2010 with great ambitions,  and a lot of hope and inspiration.

2009 was an end of one great phase of my life and the life of my fellow GUCians. 2010 will be the beginning of a new decade, a new year and a new phase. Hope it will be as good as 2009 was for all of us.

Happy new year, happy new decade, happy new start =).


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