Count your Blessings

In this life of ours, each and every one of us has two options: either live a happy life, or live a hard one full of depression, tears, fighting and losing people and things. The choice is ours, and will always be ours. It's normal to have problems, we all do, we all have complications in our lives, but it's how we react to them that makes all the difference. We have two options: cry over our problems and try or not try to fix them, or be strong enough to face them with a smile and try to solve them. I know whoever is reading this right now would say that life isn't always that easy. Well, it's not easy, but how is depression going to make it any easier? In fact, being happy, being strong, being positive, being resilient, being optimistic would make life so much easier. It would make solving your problems much easier. It's OK to get depressed at times, but it's not OK that you don't fight the depression and work as hard as you can to be happy again before you try to fix things. Don't know what you should be happy about? Being alive is enough reason for you to be happy. Life is a blessing that we should always appreciate and never take for granted. Let me get to my point, but right after sharing this very nice memory with you, dear readers....

When I was an undergraduate, this time of the year was always the hardest. That's the time when we had to hand in five projects and get ready for the finals the week after. Our very unique and sweet colleague and friend, Sara, would always make us a list of the blessings of the week each Friday, and she'd always encourage us to do our own. This has always had a very positive effect on everyone. Here are the lists she used to write, and will hopefully get back to writing soon. 

Since this year is different by all means, and since there is a lot of positive incidents and a lot of negative ones. Since I believe that the most important thing for us these days is to stay positive and spread the positive energy among us, and in an effort to cheer everyone up and to keep the positive energy floating within us, here's a list of the blessings that I am enjoying. I'm sure everyone might relate to one or more of these blessings, and I encourage everyone to do the same. List all your blessings, write them down, read them everyday, enjoy them. Focus on them rather than counting your problems. To the list....

My Blessings

1. People I love, people who love me, love itself =).

2. The memories of the 18 days that changed our lives forever, the memories of how perfect Egyptians were in the revolution.

3. Chocolate.

4. Family gatherings.

5. Catching up with old friends and reminiscing together.

6. Finishing something, and feeling like I did it well.

7. New gadgets.

8. Shopping of all kinds.

9. Using a Galaxy Tab for the first time.

10. Milkshake

11. Looking forward to a nice outing

12. Listening to oldies, while doing nothing else.

13. Traveling to new places.

14. Going through old photos.

15. Starting something new and feeling optimistic about it.

16. Knowing how much some people care for me.

17. Bird watching.

18. Knowing new people.

19. Gardens.

20. A cold drink in this hot weather.

21. A nice run.

22. Animals, especially cubs.

23. Loving my job

24. Movies.

25. The sea.
26. Knowing nice people that would do anything to cheer me up.
27. Coldplay's nice music and words of wisdom.

28. People who support me, for better, for worse.

29. Everything that is pink.

30. Feeling that I can make a difference. 

And as my dear friend, Sara, would say, spread the love people. Make your own lists =)


    most of my blessings are like you =D
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