Ramadan Blessings

I haven't felt Ramadan at all this year, with all the politics and people dying all around the world, no one is happy anymore. The celebrations are not here, how can we celebrate when our revolution is fading away? Anyway, I'm writing this as a trial to cheer myself up and feel the Ramadan spirit that is definitely in the air, I just can't feel it. Most of the things in that list I'm doing this year too, but not enjoying as I used to unfortunately.
  1. Taraweeh prayers in my favorite mosque among neighbors that I only meet in Taraweeh, but who never fail to be the friendliest people around. Or even my late night Taraweeh at home.
  2. المسحراتي the one who says اصحى يا نايم واحد الدايم instead of just banging his tabla, would be even better if he calls children's names.
  3. The race of finishing Qur'an before your friends, although I'm kind of slow and I only finish once, but I probably work harder on it than those who finish it twice, and for that I'm proud.
  4. The other race of drinking as much water as I can before the athan! And then I get really thirsty the minute he says Allho akbar.
  5. المدفع, a great plus would be that I hear the real one too along with the one I see on TV.
  6. Dates at breakfast, I don't really do it because it's a sunnah, I enjoy the sugary taste of dates after 15 hours of tasting absolutely nothing.
  7. Karkadeh
  8. Family and friends iftar
  9. The taste of coffee after waiting and waiting and more waiting for it for hours that seem to be never ending.
  10. قطايف
  11. فوانيس رمضان everywhere
  12. Decorated mosques
  13. Decorated everything
  14. Sohour outings
  15. Counting the days till the Eid =)


    1. مش عارف ازاى رقم 15 ممكن يكون حاجة ممتعة.
      بس عمرك فكرتى انه ممكن تكون المشكلة فينا كأشخاص؟؟

    2. Heya 7aga momte3a 3ashan ana ba7eb salat el eid mesh 3ashan mesh adra 3ala el seyam =). El 3aib mesh fe 7ad, el moshkela en fe el thawra we thawra me7atag tarkeez we ta3ab we ma7desh leeh nefs yestamte3 =)

    3. اه ماشى انا كنت بستفسر برضو. عشان انا ببقى متضايق ان رمضان عدا هوى كدة من غير معمل حاجة فيه!!

      يمكن محتاجين نغير فكرة الاستمتاع عندنا طيب؟؟

    4. l2 we leh? Rabena 7'ala2na 3ashan ne3eesh mabsooten we nestamte3 be 7ayatna bardo we7na beneshta3'al we beno3obodo. El estemta3 kewayes gedan we Ramadan bet3na mesh 7assah me7tag yet3'ayar. Heya bad el sana de el zoroof el balad feeha mesh sam7a bas isA men el sana el gaia hanerga3 nestamte3 tany =)

    5. انا لم اقصد ذلك
      كلامك يبدو منطقى للوهلة الأولى بس انا جه فى بالى فكرة كدة كانت فى الهوا
      إنه يمكن المشكلة مشكلة مفاهيم!!
      البوست بتاعك اثار جزء نائم فى عقلى مش اكتر

      بس ان شاء الله رمضان يعدى على خير ونلحق رمضان الجاى
      على خير برضو


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