Missing.... I've always thought that missing someone is the worst feeling in the world, but with you it's different. I sometimes miss you so much that I can't breathe. I go sit on that chair where I always sat when we talked and I remember every word we've said. I can see myself smiling to your sweet words wishing you can see me at that instant, because words can't explain how happy you made me feel, only the look on my face can. I remember how I never felt anything around me while we talked, I remember how I felt that I'm in heaven when I heard your voice. I remember how I felt how much you cared for me with every word you said. I miss when I woke up to your voice, how every new day was a wonderful day because you were in it. Then I come back to reality and sit there alone, missing you. Missing every bit of you, missing your smile and your frown, missing your love and your anger. I miss how you colored my world, how you made me feel like a princess, how I felt that I'm ready to give up on the whole world just to be with you. I miss how your touch took me so high. I miss hearing your laughter, I miss how you teased me, I miss how we used to try to end our conversations ten times, but never did. I miss every moment we've spent together, I'd do anything to relive every moment with you. I'd give up my life just to be with you... and I love missing you. I love it because it keeps you close to me, I love it because I can't have you, because you're in another world right now and nothing in this world can bring you back. I love it because I can't have you here with me anymore.


  1. The cheerful you is back =D. Me Likeeeeee!

  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ckP8V6iWWzE

  3. Thanks =D =D, that's supposed to be sad though lol =D =D

  4. The post just kept reminding me with good memories of mine until the very last sentence.

    From the positive side: right now he/she is always accompanying you compared to the other days. You get to spend more time with each other now cuz he/she is not just with you when u meet him/her. he/she is now in your heart and around you wherever you are at all times.. Talking with you by reminding you with the memories, you also replying back by remembering and re-living those happy moments all over again =D. He/she is seeing your face to face every time you open your photo album and smiles back at you; Hugging you at your success and joyful moments; Supporting you in your weakness. He/she's now in a much better state of life, the next high level which has reached pure spirituality. He/she is now a part of you and a part of everybody. Spiritual communication is much stronger and everlasting!

    He/She is living in a wonderful magic world. A place full of rainbows, glitter, sparkles and fantasies. A place where nothing is physical and everything is made out of love n emotions. He/She is now at the passion store. Saving you some and even passing you some from there. Saving a piece of land for you and building the house every one on earth has wished for and saving some space for you. That house is just in the middle of all these sparkles at the right spot to see the river of memories right from the glittery window.

    Many people think this world is a n-dimentional world we cannot imagine and beyond our thinking. Somewhere lying in the unknown of infinity while if they really think deep, they will know that that magical world is not virtual, it's not hidden. It's in the nearest and the most vital place one could ever imagine..

    You know where that is?
    Traces all the way back to your communication channel and where he/she lives inside. That place that grows and gets more and more beautiful with every heart beat and every time you two communicate.

    Okay, I dunno how in the world I wrote this but, your blog is really inspiring. I have never ever been able to express my emotions, imagination and beliefs as clear as that. See? , He/She is communicating with me too now!

  5. Oh my God, I'm almost crying here. Wow, I can't even express how much I love your words, I'm speechless really =). You're so gifted, and I'm glad my words inspired you =D. And I'm lucky to have this AMAZING comment on my blog. Thank you Amr =D


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