Egypt Uprising 2013: Hours to Go

June 30, 2013

Two hours to go

Demonstrations should start gathering in two hours from the time of writing this post. At this time Tahrir Square is already almost full. In the vicinity of the Presidential Palace in Heliopolis Tamarod's stage was built, a banner with the demands was hung, the streets were closed and a few people started to gather. The sit-in extended from both sides, having now around 50 or 60 tents along Mirghany Street. Central Security Forces have disappeared and are now replaced by more than ten ambulances parked on all sides of the street.

The case is no different in Alexandria, Mansoura, Dameitta, Port Said, Mahallah, Monofeya, Suez, Sharqeya, Aswan and others where protests have been going on for a few hours now....


In the streets around the sit-in people cheered as if they have already toppled Morsi. Many cars and people walking were found waving their flags and chanting or honking their car horns by themselves to support the uprising happening today. Other than the above mentioned cars, there are almost no one in the streets, not even parked cars. 

By the looks of the always jammed streets of Cairo it has become clear that those who do not plan to join the protests have fled the city....

One more interview

While the army helicopters flew over thousands of protesters across the country, the president gave an interview to the Guardian [full text here] assuring that there won't be another revolution. Morsi has rejected the calls for early elections, "If we changed someone in office who [was elected] according to constitutional legitimacy – well, there will people or opponents opposing the new president too, and a week or a month later, they will ask him to step down," he said.

With the death toll rising to seven and 600 injured, Mosri believes that the current situation is exaggerated by private media, saying that they took "small situations of violence and then magnified them as if the whole country is living in violence". Morsi blamed the whole situation on supporters of Mubarak's regime who have a lot of money resulting from corruption.

According to the president, this uprising and violence are planned for by the regime's supporters to pull it back to power....


Meanwhile the Islamist sit-in Rabaa continues with increasing numbers to "protect legitimacy".....

Egyptians and Islamists "don't mix"....

**Pictures courtesy of Mahmoud Gamal El-Din


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