The Alpha Female

A free spirit, with thoughts that take her up high. They say love sets you free, but it had locked her up in a thoughtless cell. Love of a selfish body, imprisoned on the ground, yet he thinks he's the jailer. She breaks loose, free of the deadly love...

"Come what may", she said as she stood with her head higher than the biggest mountain. "You don't know what you're doing", he replied with a seriously sarcastic tone, she gave him one look, then walked away. She walked without looking back, and with her she took his heart and soul. He watched her as she went further, but refused to call her name. He was too proud.

He knew she knew what she's worth, and he could do nothing about it. He had her heart but wanted her soul, and now that she left, he had nothing. The concrete ground suddenly felt like waves, the sunny day turned into a thunderstorm, she's gone. She left him, and went after her dreams. His warnings did not stop her, she was strong, not afraid of the unknown. She was too strong for him, too strong for a boy. "Your dreams are too big for a girl", he said, to which she replied, with not a breath of hesitation, "I'm a woman of great will". He couldn't handle her, he could never handle an alpha female; he's a boy,  just a boy. She had him clinging to her, he felt empty. 

She left, feeling free, free from a love that holds you back, rather than makes you fly. She knew someday she'd find her man, but she didn't care if it happened now or later, she wasn't waiting. Because she had herself, and she was ready to take the journey of her dreams alone. She knew when the time comes and she finds her man he'll give her endless support,  but she also knew that she could do it alone, without him, without anybody. She has learned to be the person she loves, to be happy on her own, to enjoy solitude as she enjoys company. She has finally become the person she came to the world to be.


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