We’re the Millers: nothing too big, but laughter guaranteed

Jennifer Aniston together with Jason Sudeikis star in this comedy that promises to keep you laughing from the start to the very end.

We're the Millers is the story of David Clark (Sudeikis), a pot dealer who after getting robbed, is forced to do illegal drug smuggling by bringing a shipment in from Mexico. David gets the idea of making up a fake family to go together on the trip in order to ease up security searching procedures.
Rose O'Reilly (Aniston) is David's neighbor who works as a stripper and has become sick of her job. Together with David, a young nerd and a runaway girl they make up the fake family and go on a trip to Mexico. During the trip many things don't go as planned and the “family” faces the risk of dying or getting caught. It's their creativity in lying to get out of this kind of situations that makes this movie hilarious.

We're the Millers is a funny and enjoyable movie with a strong storyline that is full of action. Even though it is written by four writers, it feels totally connected with almost no plot holes.  The chemistry between the cast can be felt throughout the whole movie, which makes the acting feels so real. Even the censoring of the Egyptian cinema was done smoothly and does not affect the storyline.

Watch this movie if you want nothing too serious, you'll have a good laugh. It's not the perfect movie kind that will leave you mesmerized for a week though. It has no special effects or great cinematography, and it’s not the best comedy that has ever been made. Yet if you're looking for a mind clearer then this movie is what you're looking for.


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