The Spirit of the Nile

In our veins runs blood, in our souls runs the Nile.

Our Nile is a tale as old as this country, a country that was set along its path. It carries teachings for all of us; people and rulers. Our Nile is the one source of unity that never saw division. It has witnessed the best of times, and the worst of times and kept us fed through it all. It has lived and adapted to change, change of land, people, atmosphere, and its own path. Even today, even with fights over its waters, we know it shall never give  up on us.

It's this water that tells stories of thousands of years. Stories of words still used although language has changed, feasts still celebrated although religion has changed, of recipes still popular although appetite has changed.

The Nile carries stories of hardships and great rewards. Of the flourishing land, defying death over and over. Stories of crops growing on its waters, of fish living in its depth. Of waters quenching thirst, fire, and love, stories of birth and of rebirth.

Listen closely, you'll hear of peace, of lovers united, of memories as old as time. You'll hear friends chatting away the warmth of summer nights, and poor families looking for somewhere to go and being welcomed only by the open arms of the Nile.

Look deeper for stories of our origin, of great discoveries; centuries and millenniums of conquests. For the Nile has never been only a source of food and water, but also of knowledge and wisdom. Learn of invasions, occupations, and colonies,  of people trying and failing to change the Egyptian spirit that still runs as the Nile within our souls, although under rubles of life. 

A part of "Egypt, the Good Land" project
Written by: Mariam Saleh
Photography by: Mahmoud Gamal El-Din
Full photo-set found here


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