The January 25 Revolution: lest we forget - Day 3: anticipation

Thursday, January 27th, 2011 

Anticipation, excitement, and fear get us through the day. Tomorrow is either the beginning of a revolution or shall put an end to one. Two days have passed and both parties now have time to think. Protesters set their plan last night, another day of rage, Rage Friday. They call protests after Friday prayers, the plan is so detailed that it's worrying. On Thursday evening the rallies' meeting points and routes are announced on the Facebook event. Now everyone, government included, know exactly where every protest will be, and when. How risky can this be? No government officials speak all day, but the CSF presence keeps increasing.

Suez is still on fire, but elsewhere protests get smaller in preparation for tomorrow. Rumors fill the country; the army will take control tomorrow, all protesters will be shot or detained, a curfew/martial law will be imposed. In days to come, we shall know that rumors is one of the regime's strongest weapons.

A list of chants for tomorrow's demonstrations, that shall all end up in Tahrir Square and other squares on the Good Land, is put online. Shortly afterwards, Internet connection is cut almost all over Egypt....

He walks home after publishing his final post before the blackout, but he never reaches his destination. A car stops him and he's taken to a place he doesn't know. He's detained. Meet Wael  Ghonim, one of We are All Khaled  Said page's admins, back then, only known to a few, but this shall soon change. 

The number of people who have gone out and never went back home that night is unknown...


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