Another Egyptian - Syrian Union

Ramadan... The season for Arabic series. What's the relationship between fasting and TV? How could we watch 150 series and shows in Ramadan? This number is enough for a whole year! How could one choose what to watch? Whatever happened to the day when there was el fawazeer, alf laila we laila and one comedy series?

Why would people have extra time in Ramadan to watch TV? Because they leave work, school or college earlier than other days? But don't we leave early to read Qura'n, pray, cook iftar, or even sleep? We leave because people have less energy in Ramadan, not to watch TV! This isn't why I'm writing this, even though it's driving me crazy.

There's one thing I like about the many many series though. It's the fact that there's lots of Egyptian-Syrian series these days. Having Abed Fahd, Solaf Fawakherjy, Gamal Soliman, Taiem Hassan, Eyad Nassar (even though he's not Syrian), and many many more together with Egyptain actors and actresses is very good. Why not pick the best of both sides? The fact that the number of this type of series is increasing every year is very good. This type of series is usually better than Egyptian only or Syrian only Series. Having a wider variety of cast and crew to choose from is always better.

This is what happens when we share together, when we become one. I'm being very very optimistic here =), but I have this feeling that this is bringing Egyptians and Syrians closer. Maybe someday we'll share more than just series, and of course, the outcome will always be better. Maybe people will know that we're not different, that we're supposed to be a lot closer than we are now. That if we do share our resources we'll be strong.

I don't know much about the time when Egypt and Syria were united. And what I'm dreaming of is that people unite before governments. That when we meet a Syrian, a Lebanese or maybe a Jordan we'd say s/he is a fellow Arab. That we'd remember that the only difference between us the accent. That we love each other, we work together, we help each other, that we become one. When that happens, we'll be united. Even if our governments didn't unite.


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