Do Good

I learned a good lesson today. To show my gratitude to God and my family, I've decided to share it with the world. And I'm hoping that many will read this, and learn the lesson I've learned.

My father wanted to do a good deed, and I kept arguing with him not to do it, because it was someone else's duty. He told me that I'm letting the evil energy take over me, and I'd be willing not to do something for someone special just because another person wouldn't do it. Unlike me, he always lets good energy take over =). He said he'll do it, and that he doesn't care if it's somebody else's duty.

Five minutes later, the phone rang, and I got some very good news. I was looking for a medicine that helps lessen my migraine. It disappeared two months ago, I had only nine days before I finish all I have and then I'd get a headache that would never leave me for a week. Because that's what happens if I don't decrease my intake gradually. The good news was that a relative has found me a box of it.

My father has decided to let good energy take control, and so God brought good news our way. I've learned to never let myself take decisions when I'm angry. I've learned to never be moved by evil thoughts. I've learned to do as much good as I can, even if it's some one else's duty. I've learned to always let the good energy control me. I've learned that there's always a prize =). I believe that we will always get as much as we give =).


  1. =) thanks very sweet! What goes around definitely comes around.. I really believe that..
    thanks for sharing this mimi!


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