In Her Smile

It was a fairy tale, it was sweeping her off her feet, it was love at first sight, it was the unmistakable energy between them. It was in his touch, it was in her smile, it was in the way they looked at each other. It was in how much she missed him when he wasn't around, it was in how he always wanted to be with her. It was in how she always found the right words when she talked to him, it was in him never running out of words when they were together. It was in their comfortable silence, it was in how they needed no words to understand each other. It was in their friendship, it was in their love relationship. It was in their hearts, it was in their minds. It was in their good times, it was in their worst of times. It was in her support, it was in his caring. It was in their arguing, it was in their fighting. It was in their smiles, it was in their laughter. It was in his kisses, it was in her hugs. It was in their tears, it was in their pain. It was in their lives, it was in their love. It simply...... Was.


  1. Why it's simply Was? :(

    how come all these beautiful things become "It WAS" :(

  2. lol =D. I'm leaving the "how" for the reader's imagination. There could be lots of reasons for it to be a "was", you choose whichever you wish =).


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