Will we EVER Wake up?!!!

Whatever happened to us? All of us, can't we do anything more than watching?? No, this time it's not only Egyptians, it's the whole Arab world, I'm not even sure if I can still call us Arabs. Every single person of US, how can we see human beings killed and not do anything about it?? And they're just not any human beings, these people gave their lives to try to free Gaza!!! What have we done? Yes WE, not only our governments, all of us. Our governments did everything to help Israel  with Gaza's Siege. We the Arabs, didn't approve to this, but what have we done to stop it? NOTHING, absolutely nothing. These people gave their lives trying to break Gaza's siege at a time when fellow Arabs were silent, too busy thinking of which football team will be going to the Worldcup. Haven't we all noticed that we can be, very soon, in those people's place? That people are dying because of OUR silence?

When will we wake up? When will we understand that we have to do something? That we have duties towards our country and other Arab nations? That we can't only focus on food, because even if we do, we have to know that every single issue we're facing depends on politics. When will we ever be heard? When will we ever do something that will make them hear us and do what we want, not what they want? When will we be governed by people who love this country? Not ones who do everything to make it fall, people who treat other Arab countries as enemies and Israel as friends. When will do something more than disapproving in silence what's happening?

If we stay silent, then we're approving. Say something and shout it out, don't just disapprove in silence, SHOW IT. Even if we share news about it in Facebook and Twitter, even if we tell people, even if we only talk about it, this is disapproving. Just do what you can, say no by anyway. And please remember: 
الساكت عن الحق شيطان اخرس


  1. You are absolutely right! Its like we are all helpless its like we are all tied up, Nothing will break this silence but unity and believe me this will be hard to happen.

    Like ur post and ur Blog :) Great Job keep on going :)


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