Our Own Little Worlds

I come from a family that loves the environment and cares about mother nature. Being part of that family, I made sure to take part in  Earth Hour. We stayed home, turned off all the lights and took a stand against climate change. This was not only about climate change though, this hour was amazing in many different ways. Of course, it felt good to know that you're doing something to save planet Earth, and it felt even better to be a positive person. To feel that something is going wrong and actually do something about it rather than just keep complaining. In fact, I would really love to do this more often, be positive and do something I mean. I'm one of the most positive people in this country, but living in Egypt, that doesn't make me "that" positive.

In Earth Hour, we turned off the lights and refrained from using any electricity and we sat in the candle light for an hour. We sat there, with no TV, no laptops, no cell-phones, just nothing. There was nothing to do except talk, and this, in itself was a great gain. That is life with no technology, you actually sit down and talk to people who live with you.It's not that I hate technology, I actually work in technology. It's about the way we use it.
Technology might have brought people and things who are far from you closer, but they've also took people and things who are close to you further. Here's my idea, people can sit down in their living room and watch a documentary about Antarctica, but when it comes to their own country, they might have not gone out and seen much of it. You can live in Egypt and have a video chat with a person living in Europe or whatever, but when it comes to sitting and having a nice conversation with your family, friends or neighbors, you don't do this often. You can play sports on a Playstation, but barely play real sports. You can even do some online shopping and never go out and enjoy the fun of shopping. You might contact your friends through Facebook and Twitter, but not go out with them.

Is this how life should be with new technologies? I don't know how life was before these technologies emerged, but I do know that the spaces between people living in the same house are growing further and further. I know that the obesity has increased because kids prefer to play Playstation than real sports. I know that we must watch out, that every great thing also has some disadvantages. It's nice to have the whole world right at our feet, but it's also important not to forget our own little worlds. Because if we do, each and every person will be a fat boring person who lives alone and can barely get out of their house, not only because they're too fat to do so, but also because they won't know their way out of their house. We all love these devices but, we need to look around us, to enjoy the nature, to enjoy the company of the people we love....


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