For Everything There's a Season

I wanted to write this on my birthday, almost two months ago, but that's life, at least now I've got the time to write it.....

Birthdays are fun aren't they? For me, birthdays were fun until I reached 20. Until that point, I always had some birthday to look forward to; before I turned five, I was looking forward to using all the fingers of my hand to say how old I am. Before I turned ten, I was looking forward to a two digit age. Before I turned 13 I was looking forward to being a teenager. Before I turned 16, I was looking forward to my sweet sixteen, to being a young lady. Before I turned 20, I was looking forward to the best year of my life. I was looking forward to being an adult, an independent person, a reliable one. I was looking forward to some extra freedom, to a new life, to being wiser, to having more responsibilities. If I know one thing, it's that I was right to look forward to this year, it was certainly the best year of my life .

Then I turned 21, a real adult. Since then, there was nothing to look forward to. Being 21 wasn't any different, it wasn't fun, it was just one extra year. It brought me one year closer to being an old person, so did 22. But on my 23rd birthday, I knew what I should be looking forward to. Because as life goes on, things change, but life can always be fun, life will always have things to long for and others to look forward to. I loved being 20 for all there is, but now I don't see why I shouldn't be loving being 23 either. It's still fun, it's definitely different, but variety is always good. Life would've become very boring at some point if I had stayed 20 forever. 

I don't mind being 30 either, nor 50, not even 90. For every age has its own good things, no one would want to miss these things and hang on to only one season. Some people will look forward to marrying someone they love or like, then to making a family. Later they'll be looking forward to seeing their kids grow, then graduate. Even later they'll look forward to seeing them get married then have kids. Others will look forward to working hard, to being successful. Then later to inventing something useful, or having their own multinational, or writing  best-selling books. Others will look forward to both. Some other people will have more selfless dreams, they might look forward to making their country a better place, or even making the whole world a better place. Bottom line is, there will always be fun for every age, people will always want change, they'll always want to live differently, to think differently, to be different, and for this to happen, people will have to accept the fact that to see all the good in this life, they'll have to grow old.

God has divided our worlds into seasons, our lives has a turn for every season, there will always be good ones and bad. There is always times to carve in our hearts, but we can always say that the best is yet to come. I've just said that when I was 20 I lived the best year of my life. But how can I know that? How can I ever know what's going to happen next? There's always space for better things to happen. So out of the 23 years I've lived on this planet, my favorite was when I was 20. One thing I'm sure of, is that life can be as awesome as it was when I was 20, or even better, if I'm always 20 at heart and if being old from the outside, won't stop me from enjoying the different seasons of my life.


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