Thank you

I've been depressed lately for many many reasons, but God always brought little things my way. Little things that made me enjoy life. Simple things, that make me believe I'm loved. Loved by those around me, and loved by God. Little things like a soft breeze running through my hair. Simple things like a smiling face. Small things like hard working students who really want learn. Tiny things like a call from a friend.

These are things that make life. That make life what it is. That make life as wonderful as it is. That make us enjoy the good of life and live with the bad.I've been granted a lot of these small things this week, just when I was in a great need of them. Today, on the very last day of this very bad, exhausting week, I'm nothing but happy. Oh and grateful too. Grateful to God, for taking good care of me. Grateful to my family for supporting me. Grateful to my friends for being who they are. Grateful to the weather for making me smile every time I walk in the GUC gardens. Grateful to the good students who want to do their best. Grateful to every face who has smiled at me this week. Grateful to everyone who's made me laugh. Even grateful to the bad bad students who never stop talking for being more silent this week. Grateful to my blog, my best friend, for giving me the chance to speak up whenever I want.


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