To a Season of Memories.... and a Year of Blogging

Sweet sweet memories... Memories that are added to every year. Memories of many many Christmases, happy memories that make me love what we Egyptians call winter even more. Decorated Christmas trees that sit by windows, by shops and in malls. Christmas carols played everywhere. Red, white and green, the colors of happiness, the colors of love, peacefulness and nature. Thank you my dear Christmas for drawing a smile on my face =).

I've been blogging for a year, and it's been awesome. My first post was about Christmas, about the colors of happiness, about my colorful memories of 22 Christmases. On my 23rd Christmas, I have the memory of my first and favorite blog post to add to my long list. Thank you Google for giving me the awesome Blogger, thank you for giving me the chance to speak my mind, to say whatever I please, to show the other side of me. I simply love you...


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