I feel like I'm hiding, hiding from my duty. Hiding because I'm not doing enough, hiding in complaining about all my silly problems, hiding in saying that life shouldn't be always about politics. Hiding because I'm not thinking of what to do. Hiding because I can see that things are getting messy, hiding because I'm worried, hiding because I can't see that beam of light that I know is there. Hiding because I'm being too lazy to do anything else. I'm hiding and I feel so bad about it. I'm hiding and I refuse to believe that I am. I'm hiding and not being strong enough to face things, to change things. I'm hiding because I'm ashamed of myself.

I know I'm not the only one, I'm not the only person who took part in this revolution and now feels that they're not doing enough. I won't say why I feel that I'm not doing enough, I only wish to remind you of why we revolted. I only wish to remind of people who gave their lives for your freedom, I only wish to remind you of their families. I only wish to remind you of those who lost an eye, an arm or a leg. I only wish to remind you of those responsible for all this who are still living freely. I only wish to remind you of the regime friends still in power. I only wish to remind you of a cabinet that fails to meet even half the revolution's demands. I only wish to remind you of a SCAF that does absolutely nothing except with the pressure of millions in the streets. I only wish to remind you, and myself, of our duty towards Egypt. This is only a reminder

It's hiding 30 years that got us to this point, and now is not the time for anyone to hide, now is the time for everyone to face their duty, no matter how hard it might be, no matter how dark the world might seem, we have to face it. We can't hide anymore, bring back that revolutionary spirit, have opinions, be positive, do things, don't lose hope, never lose it.
Don't over do it either, think before you act, talk with people, convince them or be convinced by them. Accept dialogue, know you might be wrong at times, but be sure that stopping right here is giving up on your country. It's giving up on your kids' future and yours, it's not being strong enough to do your job. It's breaking your promise to the martyrs. So LIVE for this country, live for the greater cause, spend time and effort for it, be positive, and never ever again lose the spirit....


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