Life is a Fairytale

Fairytales do exist, no really they do, we just look at the wrong side of them or we give them a very shallow look. We watch Disney's Fairytales then say that Disney feeds our brains with wrong information because "prince charming" doesn't really exist! Let me make one thing clear, prince charming does exist, that's a fact, but I'll get back to this later. First I'll explain my point about where we go wrong about fairytales. I can summarize it all in one sentence; fairytales aren't really about love. Yes, there's always a girl and a prince and they meet and love each other at first sight and everything, but that's not really what the tale is about. Most of Disney's tales come out from the same school, the one that uses a love story to make another story appealing, what's supposed to happen is that you enjoy the "perfect" love story and learn from the other story. This is exactly where we go wrong, we enjoy the perfect love story that is only there to make the tale fun and forget about the lesson. If we look more closely though, we'll find that there's much to learn!

Let's take Beauty and the Beast as an example. Belle was beautiful and she had all men falling in love with her for her looks, but all men in her town had empty heads, ones that could only see her looks and not her brains, If a man loves you for your look, then he doesn't love you at all you shouldn't even bother knowing him. Then there was the arrogant but handsome Gaston, who all girls in town were crazy about, and he was in love with Belle, for her looks. Belle couldn't even stand him even though he was the most handsome man in town, the one that is in every girl's dream. In this comes the second lesson, your opinion isn't necessarily that of the crowd, what fits them doesn't have to fit you best, you can have your own opinion and be proud of it even if the whole world thinks differently. 

When Belle's father is lost in the woods then held captive at the Beast's castle, Belle goes and saves him, she pays her freedom forever in return, in this we learn that your parents do a lot for you through out your childhood and adolescence and for that, we have to pay, we have to work very hard to make them not just satisfied and comfortable, but living a happy life with you around to take care of them. When Belle is imprisoned at the Beast's, she feels that this is the worst that could happen, that her world has ended, that she will be forever miserable. But when she takes a minute to look around, she finds out that the castle is a beautiful place and she makes a lot of lovely friends. Here we learn that things aren't usually as bad as they first seem, that God always chooses the best route for us even if we don't seem to see it at the moment, later we will understand that God has made the right choice for us, and for this we should never regret anything. 

Then comes the ugly Beast, he doesn't only look ugly but has ugly personality, and the number of lessons learned from this are enough for a lifetime. First, never judge someone for their looks, second first impressions aren't always right, third even the strongest of people do have feelings and can be easily hurt and if you do hurt them you'll regret it forever. Fourth get to know all the angles of the story before you make your own judgement of things. Fifth love can be found in the strangest of places so have your heart, mind and eyes open for everything coming your way. When Belle starts to like the Beast and things start to look more colorful, she's still not completely happy, from this we learn that you can never be happy enough if you're not free, free inside yourself, free to feel the way you want and free on the outside with no one bossing you around telling what to do and what not do.

The Beast needed Belle to stay with him, to love him and unlock this spell, but he did let her go see her father even though he knew she might never come back. That's real love; setting your lover free giving them the choice to leave and if they love you enough, they'll come back for you and never let go. If they don't come back then they don't love you enough. Belle went back to the Beast, she went to save him, because no matter how young or weak you are, you always have the power to save somebody. Then she kissed him and her world turned even more beautiful, it did because she was able to see through things, because she loved the person, the real person not his looks or his money. Because she fought hard for what she believed and never really gave up. She was given all that because she worked hard for it; she did good and so was given good. Because good always wins in the end, whether you want to believe it at the moment or not, it always does. We just never know when the end is, and through our journey to this end, we're put through so many tests that we have to pass, and when we do, that's when good wins. We only need to keep believing.

Last but definitely not least, let me tell you why I think prince charming does exist (I haven't found mine, but I know I will if I deserve to;)). My prince charming is different from yours, everyone has their own different version of a prince charming. The world's version of a prince charming is not royalty, but whoever said that you have to be royalty to be your lover's prince/princess was so wrong. Your prince charming is not the most handsome guy in town, but the one with the charming personality that only you can see. The charm of his personality is not in how nice and romantic he is, but in how much you two fit each other, the charm comes from the way both of you want to make each other the happiest. The real world prince charming isn't the perfect guy that Disney has created that's true, but he is the perfect person for you to be love with, spend your life with, make a family with and grow old with. When you find your prince charming, you won't be blind, you'll see his flaws, but you'll still love them and accept them as they are. This person is there around you, you'll find him someday no matter how long it takes and when you do, you'll know it's him and he'll know it's you, you might not know it at first glance, but you'll definitely do at some point. Just Do good enough and you'll find your prince charming, because good does win in the end.


  1. I don't know if I should thank you or envy you that you noticed these things =D =D

    About the lessons behind Fairy Tales, yes ppl should have thought of the story in that way. Actually they thought of it that way but unconsciously but they didn't realize it and was misleaded by the love story and its perfection. There are still some people who didn't at all.

    About the Charming Prince ^^ Finally someone understands that =D there's nthng like Standard Perfect Knight. It's all relative and shouldn't be looking for perfection or something specific ('cause both will make you discard some choices which may be the better ones for you =)). It's good you know that your prince will have flaws but the characteristics you already appreciated in him will weigh them out and make you accept them happily. Knowing that is easy, but applying that is the touch part =D

    Be yourself and let the "other you" find you easily =) "good does win in the end."

    Thanks for this post it helped make things more obvious =)

  2. وبجانب كدة دايما بيبقى فى حسبتين
    1) حسبة بتتحسب بالورقة والقلم
    2) حسبة سهلة جدا وهى خليك مع الحق مهما كان

    غالبا لقلة يقين الناس (و انا واحد منهم) بنختار الحسبة الاولى

    لكن مبيكسبش فى الاخر غير اللى بيفضل يعمل الصح ومع الحق مهما كان

    بتفكرنى بقصة الراجل ده مش عارف ليه

  3. Thanks for your comments, thanks for making me believe I'm right =)


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