Egypt Uprising 2013: The Cheerful People

July 3, 2013

Revolting with a smile

Egyptians are the only people who celebrate a revolution before it even succeeds, not a face is not wearing a smile, not a car is not honking its horns, not a pedestrian is not waving a flag. For the fourth day in a row millions Egyptians revolted peacefully with a great sense of jubilation, all chanting that they have already toppled the regime.

Cairo alone has nine anti-regime protests packing the streets today. Two more protests have been added to the list; one in front of the Republican Guards building and the other in front of the Republican Guards mansion where Morsi is reportedly staying. Protesters met the army and police personnel, who gave free bottles of water, with cheers and hugs.

Helicopters didn't fly over the protesters all morning, but as the night fell they were back....

Army in the Street

More army personnel and tanks were deployed in the streets today, their numbers have increased a lot more than what was already big numbers. For the first time they were seen protecting protests both anti and pro regime.

The Armed Forces has also issued a statement saying that these deployments are to protect all Egyptians...

 The Road-map meeting

A meeting with all political parties and movements with the Supreme Council of Armed Forces (SCAF) took place today to prepare a road-map for the coming months. The meeting was attended by Dr. Mohamed El Baradei, Chairman of El Dostoor Party on Behalf of the Salvation Front and June 30 Front, Dr. Ahmed El Tayeb, Al Azhar Supreme Sheikh, Pope Towadros the Second, Coptic Pope of Alexandria and Patriarch of the See of St. Mark, Tamarod representatives among others. El Noor Party representative, one of the most popular Salafist parties,  also took part in the meeting. Freedom and Justice Party was invited but declined the invitation.

The meeting has now ended and a statement by Dr. Baradei, Sheikh Tayeb and Pope Towadros about the results of the meeting is expected in the coming few minutes....

The Islamists

Rabaa Square, Nahdet Masr Square and Sidi Gaber Square in Alexandria are packed with supporters waiting to know what the statement will be. Clashes have already started in some cities between supporters and revolutionaries. Leaders, including their sheikhs, have asked the supporters to defend legitimacy with their lives until the end.

Other Islamists though have decided to jump of the sinking ship, the Daawa Salafeya and Gamaa Islameya Salafist groups have called upon Morsi to accept the early elections...

Egyptians and Islamists "don't mix".... 

**Pictures courtesy of Mahmoud Gamal El-Din


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