Egypt Uprising 2013: 48 Hours

July 1, 2013

Sexual assault

Tahrir Square saw more than 40 cases of sexual assault and rape last night, while many volunteered to protect ladies from sexual violence, these 40 cases still happened. What is also worth mentioning is that protesters of the Presidential Palace in Heliopolis and all other places didn't suffer from the same problem.

This raises the question of this being an organized mob to scare ladies off...

The morning after

After millions protested demanding that President Mohamed Morsi leaves, Egypt woke up to protests that haven't stopped all over the country. Four sit-ins continued in Cairo through the first night after the official start of the June 30 revolution. By midday the numbers have started to increase.

The majority of the crowd that cheered for the army helicopters yesterday still showed full support to the Armed Forces....

The tyranny symbol on fire one more time

On January 28, 2011, the Day of Rage, protesters headed to the National Democratic Party Headquarters near Tahrir Square, looted it and set it on fire. The building still stands, black with oppression until today. Since then, its burning was a symbol of bringing down the tyrant regime.

The Muslim Brotherhood feared the same destiny and so secured their headquarters in all possible ways. It was all in vain though, before the sun had a chance to rise, the symbol of tyranny, oppression and treason was broken into, looted and set on fire.

As a result, eight protesters were killed by the Muslim Brotherhood and their supporters that were said to be Palestinians using live bullets....

A coup in the making?

After endless cheers for the army and calls by some to topple Morsi, they issued the first communique on National Television.  It declared that the Armed Forces is on the side of the people,  giving "a final 48 hours for all sides to meet the people's demands, or else will have to do its national duty of protecting the people." In the case of not meeting the demands before the end of the 48 hours, the Armed Forces will put its own roadmap and oversee its implementation.

It was also stated that the Armed Forces will not take part in politics....


The streets

Cars roamed in the streets honking their horns, cheering for the army and celebrating a fact that is not yet a fact, that Morsi was brought down. In check points made by the military police people from different ages, social standards, religions and genders celebrated and cheered for the soldiers. Some were also heard saying that anyone with a beard should hide.

The protests

There was a celebratory spirit to the protests since the morning of June 30, but today the demonstrations have turned into mere celebrations. Nobody chanted, not even for the army, people sang and danced and laughed as if Egypt has suddenly turned into a paradise.

The regime

The regime suddenly lost control, announcing a press conference then taking it back then announcing that they will issue a statement and taking it back, then announcing a meeting between the president and the Minister of Defense that was denied by the Armed Forces spokesperson. Later at night, a statement was issued condemning the communique that was said to "raise confusion among the people"

The Islamists

After having to face protests of millions, their premises being broken into and set on fire in every city and village over the country, their Deputy Supreme Guide, Khairat El Shater's house being attacked and now also the army, the Islamist groups could hold straight. While some voices announced that this communique was planned for with the president's knowledge, the case with the Muslim Brotherhood and Freedom and Justice Party was no different from the of the presidency. They have announced a press conference that never happened. A meeting of the Guidance Office was announced, but no statement was issued. Meanwhile the Islamist groups started mobilizing their youth in marches cities all over the country.

The secular opposition

Secular political groups like the Salvation Front, the National Association for Change, June 30 Front and Tamarod Movement also gave a positive reaction, but stated that protesters will ensure that the army stays out of the political life and does stand in the way of implementing the road-map already decided upon by they people. The groups announced that Dr. Mohamed El Baradei, Chairman of El Dostoor Party will speak for them with the Supreme Council of Armed Forces if ever needed.

The police

The Ministry of the Interior also joined the call of the Armed Forces abandoning the regime and joining the side of the people. This was also met with support from the majority of protesters who welcoming police officers and personnel in the different squares.

Jumping off the ship

Ministers, governors and advisers started to resign and never stopped. The number of resignations increased by the hour. Among those who resigned was Lieutenant General Sami Annan, former chief of staff of Armed forces who demanded that the army takes the side of the people and bring down the regime!   

The game controller 

President Barak Obama of the United States, who has control of both the Muslim Brotherhood and the Armed Forces but not the people, urged Morsi to the protesters. He also said that "democracy is more than just elections."

Suddenly the whole country has forgotten what the army rule was like just more than a year ago for the sake of setting free of Islamist Fascist....

Yet another statement

The Armed Forces announced that they shall never turn against the will of the people and that they have issued their communique to encourage all sides to work on the demands of the people. They also asked the people to ask any army personnel for their ID and to look out for civilians in army uniforms who try to turn people against the army.

Egyptians and Islamists "Don't mix"....

**Pictures courtesy of Mahmoud Gamal El-Din


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