Egypt Uprising 2013: The Decentralized Battle

July 2, 2013

Fireworks and a revolution

The celebratory protests continue across the country, in Cairo, Giza, Qaloybeya, Alexandria, Suez, Port Said, Mansoura, Dameitta, Minya, Assuit, Tanta, Beni Sueif, Aswan, Luxor, Qena, Red Sea, Munfeya, Ismalia, Mahalla and many other cities. A great percentage of the population was in the streets for the third day today. Greater Cairo alone had seven protests against the Islamist Fascist regime. In Tahrir Square, the vicinity of the Ithadeya Presidential Palace in Heliopolis, the vicinity of Obba Presidential Palace in Kobry El Obba, the vicinity of the Ministry of Defense, Kitkat, the vicinity of the Giza Governorate and Helwan one word roared, "LEAVE". This is of course if we don't count people standing in front of their door step or roaming with their cars with the same aim.

In all streets and squares all over the country, the Egyptian Eagle caught the sheep....

A different type of protesting

The Islamists finally could think "straight", they mobilized every single person they could to support the Fascist regime. in Cairo they filled Rabaa Square and Nahdet Masr Square near Cairo university. They were seen with sticks and helmets in the street to terrorize people. Islamist leaders asked their supporters to take to the streets to protect legitimacy from a military coup. The Islamist protesters chanted against the army and its Supreme Council, SCAF.

They have also attacked army personnel that came close to their sit ins and protests....

Fighting over a country

By midday it was announced that President Mohamed Morsi is meeting with General Abd El Fattah El Sisi, Minister of Defense along with Prime Minister Hesham Kandil. The meeting lasted for around for hours and ended at around 6:00 pm without any statement.

Later in the day, National Television announced that there will be a joint communique between the Presidency and Armed Forces, but it was quickly denied by the Armed Forces Spokesman....

More jumping off the sinking ship

After the Supreme Court gave its verdict of the invalidity of sacking Prosecutor General Abd El Megeed Mahmoud and appointing another one, the regime was given another hit. More officials could see that the end is near and so more resignations took place. The two presidential spokesmen who didn't know what to say anymore have also resigned.

With 16 ministers resigning and two insurgent the regime keeps losing balance.....

Tamarod Movement

The movement issued a statement thanking Egyptians for taking to the streets and promised to continue on what they started. They announced that they have chosen three of the movement's members to meet with the SCAF if ever needed and that they put their trust in Dr. Mohamed El Baradei, Chairman of El Dostoor Party who was already chosen by the Salvation Front to speak on their behalf.

A unity that nobody knows will last for how long has been born.....

June 30's Camel Battle

On February 2, 2011 when Cairo protests were centralized in Tahrir Square a battle took place after the Mubarak regime succeed in decreasing the number of protesters in the square. The battle that has started with horses and camels and ended with live bullets was later said to be made by the Muslim Brotherhood to increase the numbers of protesters again.
As the night fell today, the country saw the decentralized version of the Camel Battle. Clashes took place in many cities and villages all over the country, leaving so many dead and injured. Violence has dramatically increased by both sides. It has become normal to find civilians with the ability to kill one another. News of the Muslim Brotherhood and their supporters using bird-shots, live bullets and even machine guns came from all over the country. Protesters that were known to use rocks as their weapons most of the time used no less the Molotov Cocktails among other weapons.

In Cairo, the Cairo University was broken into and regime supporters started shooting at passers by from above the university buildings. A badly violent fight between supporters and protesters resulted in 16 deaths through the night. This has all happened without any help from the police or army to stop it.

Sadism keeps increasing by the hour, if this doesn't stop soon, the country is doomed to turned into a forest...

The Fight Continues

The president decides to address his people, on Twitter! As midnight approaches, the president called on Armed Forces to withdraw their warning and refused any foreign or internal dictates.

At midnight, Morsi decided to speak on Television, as usual he said nothing. For around 30 minutes he said complete nonsense, repeating the word legitimacy 57 times and blaming protests of millions on the remnants of the regime and external forces. He threatened the people, army and police by his militias turning more violent and vowed that the price of turning over ligitimicy will be no less than his life.

Protesters met this speech with roaring that moved the whole country, with just one word, "LEAVE"....

Egyptians and Islamists "don't mix"....

**Pictures courtesy of Mahmoud Gamal El-Din


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