Egypt Uprising 2013: No One is at Home!

June 30, 2013

The time has come

The day has come! Tamarod Movement (Rebel) called upon Egyptians around two months ago to continue what they started when signing the forms by protesting today to topple President Mohamed Morsi, the first civilian elected president who have failed to achieve the January 25 Revolution objectives and have worked on empowering the Muslim Brotherhood in all sides of the state.

Almost nobody stayed home after 4:00 pm. The whole of Cairo was out; some walked in demonstrations, others drove cars and cheered for protesters in a new way of objecting, others sat in front of their building doorstep in yet another new way of objecting, and others left the city. Millions of people took the streets today, all uniting on one demand, to bring down the Islamist Fascist regime.

Tahrir square and the vicinity of the Presidential Palace in Heliopolis had no place to set foot while the protesters still flooded in. In the governorates things were no different, hundreds of thousands in almost all governorates took to the streets, all demanding early elections. A new addition in some governorates like Monofeya and Dakahleya was occupying the governorate building and declaring independence from the Muslim Brotherhood rule.

With red cards and whistles, Egypt declared Morsi out in what was said to be the biggest protests in the history of Egypt, if not the whole world.....
Army support  

Rules were put for the protesters to never chant for or against the army or the police, but when a military helicopter started flying over the Presidential Palace many cheered for it. The helicopter that circled the protest area five times in less than 30 minutes was met with louder cheers each time. Some even went as far as chanting for Minister Abd El Fattah El Sisi to bring down Morsi.

No matter what happens, some can never set themselves free from slavery....


It's been happening every now and then outside Cairo and today was no different. Clashes erupted in Assuyt and Beheira between regime supporters and revolutionaries.  Clashes in Assuyt happened when a demonstration passed near a Freedom and Justice Party office, a fight started and soon supporters started randomly shooting live bullets leaving four dead and eight injured. The same scenario happened in Hush Eissa in Beheira, leaving one child dead from the supporters' side and 75 injured mostly with bird-shot.

The headquarters

Part of the Muslim Brotherhood headquarters in Mokkatam, Cairo was set on fire after the same clashes took place between supporters and revolutionaries. The fight this time was between supporters inside the building and revolutionaries in the street. The revolutionaries threw Molotov cocktails resulting in small fires in the building.

The regime

As the Islamist sit-in continues in Rabaa, the presidency made two press conferences and said basically nothing....

Salvation Front

The front issued the revolution's first statement expressing their support to the people's decision of toppling Morsi. They have also called upon the people to stay in the streets and squares all over the country and to refrain from dealing with the Muslim Brotherhood government.

After a majority of Egyptians were fed up with the Muslim Brotherhood rule they took their decision and lead the politicians to the street...

What's next?

A great percentage of the protesters of this wave have just joined the revolution, the question of whether they will continue to protest or join a sit-in cannot be answered. If the answer is no, this will be one very big complication that is definitely unplanned for.

If the numbers are few during the sit-in, the Muslim Brotherhood will have their chance of attacking...


June 30 front called for a continuing strike and sit-in, supported with a million-man march on Tuesday, July 2....

Egyptians and Islamists "don't mix"....

**Pictures courtesy of Mahmoud Gamal El-Din


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