My Ithaca

It is I who is Ithaca, my true self, the ultimate truth that I always seek to know and be close to. Ithaca is meaning that gives life purpose, a blow in the soul, a breath of The One. It is reality and I'm its shadow; always pulled toward authenticity, but I know I'll only be almost there. Ithaca is the unreachable destination, the intangible truth, the un-understandable virtue, but that doesn't matter. Its journey is eternal peace, the open arms of life, timeless happiness. The voyage of betterment is the will to take the journey, the wisdom to know which path to take, and the intelligence to not stumble into fakeness. A voyage of body and spirit, motions and emotions, ideals and ideas, refined opinions and those that are yet to be refined. It is what I say and what I do, what I feel and how I act. The closer I get to Ithaca, the closer they all become, and when I'm almost there what I do, say and feel all become one.


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