You get out of your comfort zone. You go against the flow, you think of things that you were told were facts of life. You fight for what you believe in, you fight even the people you love most. You break the walls, walls that you lock yourself up inside. You let your mind fly, to look for meaning. You set yourself free of protection, protection you set for yourself and that set for you by others. You feel light, a free soul, you get a taste of a truth...

What is your comfort zone? A 9 to 5 job? A family that will always love you and support all you do? A lover that will make your life a fairytale? Never wondering why things are this way or that? Never questioning the meaning of things, of life? To build walls of a home that you feel so protected inside, and mental walls that limit your view to protect you from whatever is different, whatever is hard to accept or to even think of?

But isn't this the perfect life that everyone wishes to have? If you have a good job, loving family and friends, a home that keeps you warm, why would you want to think of anything else? Why would you care about meaning? Wouldn't this be the true comfort that everyone is in search for?

Yes, in your comfort zone you will feel comfortable and safe, but without meaning you can't be happy. People say that if you live for today, not thinking of tomorrow or yesterday you will be happy, but is this the true meaning of happiness? Is this the happiness you really want? Would you want to be happy for a day or a lifetime? Because if you choose to be happy for a lifetime then you can't live without meaning.

To be happy you have to know yourself in order to know what makes you authentically happy. To know yourself, you have to have a meaning for everything, you have to know why you're doing things the way you are, you have to be in control of your life and not let anything move you. You have to be attached only to your virtues, the true meaning of life. So break down all your walls, set yourself free. Don't let anything or anyone take control of you. Use your mind for things other than calculating how much money you spent, or how many hours you slept. Break your walls and choose to be where you really fit, don't bother if you're told it's wrong, if you want to really give, you have to do what you love. Break free of the marriage rules, marry who you love, or don't marry at all. Think about your religion, think of every meaning of it, don't be afraid, your Creator would want you to think and never just practice. Live alone, live in another country, live where you fit best. Love your family and friends, but don't let your love control you. Question traditions, see if they have a meaning, if they don't they shall die. Be extraordinary, never be afraid to fly away and be where you'd really make a difference. Only then, you'll find authentic happiness, only then you'll make a change in the world, only then you'll live the life you were created to live.


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